Photo above : Yoga Plus Express in McKinley Hill

There are many yoga and pilates studios in the Fort. Some are focused on yoga or pilates, but many do both. How do you choose between them? Below, we provide the pertinent information to help you decide. 

(we assume you know the differences between yoga and pilates. If not, this is a quick summary: yoga is a holistic approach to well being, using body movements to connect mind, body and spirit. Pilates focuses on muscle strengthening and toning.)

To see locations of the studios on a map, click┬áhere. To see schedules of the studios and fitness gyms, click┬áhere, then choose “Fitness Class” and select the relevant category.

Yoga Studios

I Go Beyond Yoga

2nd Floor, Serendra Piazza, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio

0917 629 9642

I Go Beyond Yoga studios offer classes in yoga, antigravity and zumba. In addition to The Fort, it has branches in Quezon City, Alabang, Greenhills, Rockwell, Mall of Asia and Salcedo Village in Makati.

Classes. Ashtanga, Beyond Hot Primary, Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, to name a few.  For example,

Ashtanga 1 – an introduction towards the traditional method of Sri K PattabhiJoisÔÇÖ Primary Series Ashtanga. This includes breath work, the basic standing postures, as well as meditation. This class prepares students for the more advanced poses of Ashtanga.(90 minutes)

Vinyasa Yoga 1 – caters to people looking for an entryway into a yoga practice. It is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, fitness background, and also those with fears or apprehensions about yoga. This practice incorporates basic poses with detailed alignment cues and instructions that give students a foundation towards taking asana practice further, as well as restorative poses to calm the mind and body.(75 minutes)

Instructors. One of the founders, Anna Carbonell, completed numerous teacher training programs, including an 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, a 200-hour Vinyasa certification at Sankalpah College of Yoga in NYC, Yin Yoga certification with Sarah Powers, and Lady Niguma Yoga Series with Geshe Michael Roach. Details of other instructors are provided on the website. 

Facilities. They have one room for anit-gravity yoga, and another room for mat yoga and zumba. They also have showers for both men and women. You just have to bring your own toiletries.

Fees. Each type of classes has a different rate. Drop-in pass is P550 for yoga, P450 for dance (zumba), P650 for antigravity yoga. One month unlimited and 10-class pass have the same price of P4,600, (class pass is valid for 45 days). 20-class pass costs P8,700 and is valid for 3 months.

LiFE Yoga

8 Forbestown Road, near Burgos Circle

(02) 886 7500 

LiFE Yoga Center is a single shop yoga studio (vs. a chain) that is run by a group of energetic young people who combine yoga with music and fun in everything they do. They aim to be approachable and accessible, so beginners should feel much welcomed. 

Classes. Feel Good Flow, Ashtanga Asana, Goin’ Yin, and so on. Examples of current classes being offered are:

Rock n’ Flow – a form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. The Rock nÔÇÖ Steady flow borrows from yogic tradition while incorporating modern movement and sound. This practice builds physical power, mental resilience and instills peace as we learn how to detach from our minds.

Core Flow - This strength-building class focuses on your core. A pilates-based class, the class claims to tone and tighten specific muscle groups while moving in a flow.

Facilities. It has a big room for regular classes such as Ashtanga Asana and core flow, and a heated room for hot beat and hot flow classes. 

Fees. They charge P600 for a drop-in session, P5,500 for one month unlimited. This means if you go there only once a week, a drop-in rate would be suitable. Or, if you buy their 10-session class card for P5,000, you can cut down the cost further if you intend to visit it only once a week. If you go more often, the unlimited packages would be right. Their fees structure is really flexible. Fees include use of mats, straps, blocks and bolsters. They rent out yoga mat towels required for hot classes, and bath towels.

Additional information. Their website  allows online booking once you registered. 

Urban Ashram Manila

3rd Floor, Active Fun Building, 9th Street corner 28th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio

(02) 377 9642 / (02) 869 9642 / 0917 718 9642

Urban Ashram Manila has branches in Makati (Ayala Avenue and Rockwell) and Pasig City. 


FNR (Flexibility Not Required) is the name of this beginner’s class. FNR is a yoga foundations class designed to build your strength and improve body awareness to move intelligently into different poses.

FNR Athletics expands on principles explored in FNR, and prepares the student to handle more complex work by balancing strength and range of motion. Recommended as cross-training for athletes, and for students who are looking to transition from FNR to Vinyasa.

Vinyasa. Classes are built around sun salutations, and poses are sequenced in a thoughtful and creative order. Recommended for students who have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months.

All FNR classes are 75 minutes long. Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Kundalini, and Hatha classes run for 90 minutes. Vinyasa Hour, Prenatal, and Postnatal classes are 60 minutes long. Pranayama and Meditation classes run for about 30 minutes. Apart from yoga classes, the studio also offers Qi Gong classes.

Facilities. Its studio has high ceilings and natural lighting, and constructed with eco-friendly materials.

Instructors. You can see photos of their instructors on their web page, but no other information. Urban Ashram has its own teacher training classes. 

Fees. Day pass is P750. One month pass is P5,800, which would be a good deal if you go there more than 8 times a month. Their 10-class pass is P5,000, but is valid for only two months. Worth it if you use it more than 4 times a month for two months. Relax! you will figure out the maths easily once you start doing yoga.

Additional information: their class pass can be used in all branches. Branch manager is Ms. Bianca Bagos, Classes can be booked online.

Yoga Plus

Unit 1102 Fort Legend Towers, 3rd Avenue cor. 31st Street, BGC

(02) 238 2768

Photo above : Yoga Plus Express in McKinley Hill

Yoga Plus Express is at Unit B138 2F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill. The only difference between regular Yoga Plus and Yoga Plus Express is that classes in Yoga Plus Express are 60-minute long, whereas in Yoga Plus it can be 90 minutes.

Yoga Plus has branches also in Makati, Ortigas and Manila. 

Classes. In their Fort branch, they have Ashtanga, hot, flow, yin, juvamukti classes. Examples of current classes being offered are:

Led Full, or Half Ashtanga. This class focuses on the Primary Ashtanga Series that is based on the classical teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a 90-minute, flowing, dynamic form of yoga which focuses on building inner heat. The flowing movements lead to an increase in strength, flexibility and energy. The half class is for beginners, and the Full class for intermediate students of Ashtanga.

Jivamukti Open. Each 90-minute class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to oneÔÇÖs life on and off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.┬áA typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:┬áshastra (scripture),┬ábhakti (devotion),┬áahimsa (kindness),┬ánada (music) and┬ádhyana (meditation).

Instructors. Yoga Plus has its own teacher training program that gives certificate for teaching after students attended a 200-hour course. Profiles of their teachers are provided in their website.

Facilities. For Hot Yoga classes, they use far infrared ray heating systems, which are said to provide a warm and soothing heat that heals injuries and prevents wrinkles and also kills bacteria.

Fees: Yoga Plus, Fort Legend Tower : Drop in rate is P599 weekdays before 6pm, or P799 any time. They have first-timer packages, P1,499 for two weeks, P3,499 for one month. Their 10-session class card costs P5,990 (any time), or P4,990 (weekdays before 6pm). One week unlimited package is P1,699 any time or P999 (weekdays before 6pm). Fees include free use of mats and towels, alkaline water and toiletries.

Yoga Plus Express, McKinley Hill : Drop in rate is P399 weekdays before 6pm, or P499 any time. They have first-timer packages, P699 for one week, P2,999 for one month. Their 10-session class card costs P3,999 (any time), or P3,499 (weekdays before 6pm). One week unlimited package is P999 any time or P899 (weekdays before 6pm). Fees include free use of mats and towels, alkaline water and toiletries. Since the only difference between Yoga Plus and Yoga Plus Express is the duration of each class, it would seem better value to get the unlimited packages in Yoga Plus Express than packages in other branches, provided the location is not a problem.

Additional information. They charge a small additional fee if you want to practice yoga in their other branches.

Pilates studios

B + B Pilates Studio

Main studio:GF Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st street corner 2nd avenue, Fort Bonifacio

(02) 815 1009 / 0917 899 2639

satellite studio: 11f infinity tower, 25th street, Fort Bonifacio

(02) 478 6691 / 0917 865 3878

This pilate studio offers pilates, redcord, and small group classe, including lifestyle coaching.

Classes. ┬áApart from Total BarreÔäó,┬áZENÔÇóGAÔäó ,┬áCardio + Core, the studio offers these classes as well:

Redcord Active. It uses your body weight and cords which create instability, making your workout extra challenging.  The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability.

Piloxing . It combines the power, speed and agility of boxing with invigorating dance moves and the focused sculpting of Pilates.

However, we notice that for group classes, currently they only offer pilates classes and full body redcord. The other classes are only available as private or semi private sessions.

Fees. For group classes, a single class costs P850, 11-session costs P8,500. For private (one-on-one) classes, a single session costs P1,950, Intro Three Session Pass is P4,500.


Building 8, 908 Bonifacio High Street.

(02) 403 5994 / (02) 856 5858

Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, ballet, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to music. ┬áAccording to the website of Barre3: “The benefit we are most proud of is that clients have literally measured taller after taking barre3 classes.”

It has branches in Alabang, Rockwell, Eastwood City, Trinoma, Shangri La Plaza.

Classes. It has three levels of classes.

Open-level. Open-level is based on the traditional barre3 class format. It follows a vigorous pace moving through a sequence of posture designed to shape and lift the entire body. This is recommended for first-timers. 

Foundations. Foundations class is slower in pace than the barre3 open-level classes but equally challenging. Instructors emphasize basic alignment, foundation and specific muscle actions to balance the body. 

Advanced. Advanced classes follow the same sequence as a traditional barre3 open-level class, but at a faster pace. Instructors expect students to have mastered their alignment in different poses and movement.

Fees. Drop-in is P700 per class. One month pass costs the same as a 10-class pass (valid for two months), which is P5,500. 

Updated on Oct 22, 2016

Evolve is a newly opened bikram yoga studio that holds classes in Central Ground Athletics, a crossfit fitness studio in Bonifacio High Street. It has classes in bikram, vinyasa, ashtanga and other types of yoga. The first branch of Evolve yoga was opened in Alabang.

Locations of the studios on a map, click here.

Schedules of the studios and fitness gyms, click┬áhere, then choose “Fitness Class” and select the relevant category.

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