We don’t know whether it’s the dogs or the owners that had more fun, but we’re certainly overwhelmed by the number of participants that joined us at TheFortCity.com’s Doggies’ Day Out at De Jesus Oval last July 30, Saturday. 

Everyone was indeed thrilled because from the moment that dog owners registered, loot bags filled with doggie treats were already waiting for them. They also had a chance to learn more about dog behavior, try the agility course with their pooches, learn about basic preventive health care for pets, and participate in fun and games for a chance to win more treats!

Agility Course

Mr. Jojo Isorena of BetterDog Canine Behavior Center first taught participants about the basics of dog behavior so that owners can understand their pooches better. Afterwards, Mr. Isorena together with Mr. Joe Claret (photo below) taught the dog owners on how to use treats to get your dog to remember its name, and follow other instructions.

Video on Agility Course for Beginners

Goodie Bags, Games and Health Talk

We owe big thank yous to our generous sponsors Pooch Park and Beterinaryo sa Fort Animal Clinic. Thanks to them, participants of the event were able to receive goodie bags that contained pet supplies, treats and even rabies vaccination coupons for free. They also got a brief health talk on the importance of vaccination for dogs from Dr. Kat Yam of Beterinaryo sa Fort. We would also like to thank the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) for letting us use the venue and lamppost banners for the event.

Big thanks to Mr. Oliver Tan of Pooch Park for these goodie bags.

Dr. Kat Yam teaching dog owners about basic pet health practices.

The participants were very enthusiastic in playing games with their dogs. BetterDog Philippines prepared two games: team relay and nose work. The winners scored more treats.

The proud owners and their smart and competitive pooches. It was a toy poodle day!

Informative Panel Boards

We didn’t pass up this chance to educate the pet owners about their companions. Aside from fun, games and exercise, we also put up panel boards around the venue that provided information on:

  • How to handle stray animals
  • Commitments of a responsible pet owner
  • Basic exercises for dogs
  • Dog care myths

Click here to see enlarged view of the panel boards. Email us at community@thefortcity.com if you would like to receive a readable soft copy of the panel boards.

Memories Are Made of These

Outside of the agility course, a lot happened, if you were paying attention.

Humans Making Friends

Doggies Making Friends

Family Bonding

Bond With Your Friend

Even though we were dog-tired after weeks of preparing for the event, we were elated at the sight of happy faces around the venue. It was heart-warming to know that everyone took home not just goodie bags, but knowledge about caring for their dogs, and memory of a great time. Those who expressed interest in joining the Dog Lovers’ Club will definitely have a chance to meet again, since we will be contacting them for future meet-ups and events. 

From TheFortCity.com Team and our proud partners, a huge thank you to everyone who joined us! Register and stay tuned to TheFortCity.com to get updates on the future events. Until next time 😉

Doggies’ Day Out Relay Game


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