Located behind St Luke’s Medical Center BGC, the Urban Farm grows a variety of edible greens as well as ornamental flowers. In addition, there is a stall that sells Bench clothes as well!

Buying greens from this Urban Farm have two advantages: freshness, and reduced carbon footprint. The first advantage is immediate, the second is for the future. At the farm, we could cut the greens from their roots by ourselves. It took us less than ten minutes to bring the greens home. Compared that with getting the salads that you buy from a supermarket! The salad is probably harvested a week ago before you take them from the supermarket’s shelf.

above: basil was at the peak of its form when we visited.

above: kale

above: purple lettuce

On the day of our visit, there were several types of lettuce available, as well as kale and arugula. You can get a full bag of mixed greens for P150 to P200. This is a bit more expensive than the supermarket’s, but you can select the greens and get the freshness.

It only takes a quick wash for the freshly harvested greens to be ready to serve!

Above: we dressed our greens with lemon juice, salt, and pepper, and a few slices of prosciutto harm.

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