Flying Trapeze used to be the thrill of BGC, a unique experience where adult and teenagers could get their adrenaline pumping without having to do anything illegal. After that gig disappeared (and nothing happens at the vacated location), thrill seekers in BGC were lost. Until Balistika came along.

Located on the second floor of a building in the Fort Entertainment Complex, Balistika BGC is an indoor shooting range that utilizes real guns and real bullets in its four shooting galleries. However, instead of shooting at a paper target, participants shoot at characters in a video. Participants can choose from several shooting scenarios.

The reception area of the place is a small room. Only a handful of people can fit in. Prior booking is needed if you intend to go there during weekends.

Step 1: choose your package. You can go solo, or get a package that shares the gun with another person. Our package was a shared gun one at P3,500 for 150 bullets.

Step 2: choose your gun. They have several models of hand guns, and, for a higher price, a few heavy duty machine guns. Choose your shooting scenario.

Step 3: Get a briefing, wear your eye and ear protection.

Step 4: Go to your assigned shooting gallery / room by going through a corridor, the outside of which looks like a book case.

Your non-shooting companions may sit in the corridor outside the shooting gallery, or at the small reception, or go wandering around the complex.

Unlike a traditional shooting range, you do not get a paper target at the end of the session to see how you scored. Nor would you get a copy of the video of your shooting experience. You only get to see a snapshot of your shooting result. So we suggest that you have your camera ready when you finish shooting, to snap a picture or pictures of your performance if you wonder how you did!

At a few thousand pesos per session, this shooting experience is certainly not a cheap thrill, but for thrill seekers who are not bothered by a bit of loud noise, it would be a good activity to try at least once while you are in BGC.

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