In May 2015, Palace Pool Club opened its door in the club area at Bonifacio Uptown. It had swimming pools surrounded by cabanas. It aimed to be a go-to place for the rich and young. A pool bar allows scantily dressed good looking people to walk around in an upscale place and become an attraction. This works well in Las Vegas. But probably not so in Fort Bonifacio.

In mid 2018, the place used to be known as Palace Pool Club morphed to Island PH.

It is now a place that is like a high-end bar hub. It has no door charge, and the ambience is more inviting, although it is still not a family place. You need to be over 18 years old to get in. 

Swimming is allowed, and the dress code is less strict than before.

It has several stalls that sell drinks, four or five food stalls, and game sets.

Photo: left, a shop that sells liquors; right, sitting area and a giant jenga set.

Photo : Chicken thig BBQ skewer (P90) from Smokey Hut, and Spicy Tuna Roll (P260) from the Big Kahuna

Food prices are not cheap, but quality is decent, and you are paying for a hip place.

Photo: the Coco Loco bar is the main bar in Island PH. There are other smaller stalls that sell alcoholic beverages.

The Island PH does exude the idyllic feel of island living in a clean and secure environment. It is a big garden bar area in the middle of posh office buildings. And if you like tropical living, you should not mind the rain also.

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