We like things our own way. While the other VIP cinemas also have spacious seats and leg room, in the Fort, only Uptown Mall’s VIP cinema have seats that can be adjusted effortlessly by ourselves.┬á

TheFortCity.com was invited to the premiere of a comedy movie, “The Mermaid”, last Friday at the plush VIP cinema of Megaworld’s Uptown Mall, 36th Street, corner 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio. The movie was directed by Stephen Chow, a director and actor from Hong Kong known for blockbuster movies such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. The movie will be shown in Uptown, Newport and Lucky Chinatown Cinemas from May 11 to 17.

Not only were we treated to a entertaining movie, we got to experience a cinema that, in our view, offers the most comfortable seat of all (4) movie houses in Fort Bonifacio. Photo shows the mc of the premiere.

Each seat has a seat width of 23 inches, that is exclusive of the arm rests. That should leave quite a lot of wiggle room for a medium sized adult, and very comfortable for a large person. The seat depth was 21 inches, excluding the foot rest. The arm rest between two seats can be lifted, making the cinema a good choice for a date destination. It has only 86 seats.

Unlike our previous experience in cinemas in Uptown Mall, it was not too cold in the VIP cinema last Friday. Perhaps the management has listened to the customers.  

Usually, you are not allowed to bring a functioning camera into a cinema. If you bring a camera, you have to leave your battery with a guard outside the cinema. It was a hassle. Last Friday we were not stopped from bringing our camera inside, and even took as many photos as we wanted before the movie started. This added to the pleasantness of that evening.

Want to know how adjustable the seat in the VIP cinema is? watch this video. 

Because the seat was awesomely comfortable, we got a little sleepy, and did not know what the button that shows food icon was for. We thought it would lift up the food tray and feed us. It didn’t. Room for improvement, VIP cinemas!

By the way, soon (not yet) you can buy your tickets for Megaworld cinemas online. Megaworld has created its own website called “blockbusterseats” that is equivalent of Ayala’s “sureseats“┬áor SM Cinema’s own website for selling tickets online. You can find schedules of all cinemas in Fort Bonifacio from our movie schedule page.

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