Good news for adventurous kids and grown ups, you can jump to your heart’s content, and to heights that exceed where your legs could bring you! This newly opened bouncy bungee, or whatever its proper name is, is located next to The Mind Museum, in a small hidden park called J.Y. Campos Park. The structure can be seen through the trees if you walk along 30th Street, near Shangri-La At the Fort Hotel.┬á

The entrance is through the driveway of The Mind Museum. You can find more information in the photos below.

See below for opening hours.

Their Facebook page does not seem to be working yet. Per ride costs P200, and lasts for 2 minutes, which is long for jumping around. They have a promo of buy 5 get one free, so for P1,000 you get 6 tickets.

Who brought this contraption to the Philippines, and how long will this facility be available? these were the questions in our mind. Fortunately, the organizer of this activity was there when we visited, and we had all our questions answered!

Ms Akane Watanabe is the person behind this new venture. The company that provides this equipment has been in existence for ten years in Japan. When Ms. Watanabe and her husband came to the Philippines three years ago, they did not see any facility like that here, or at least not with the standard or quality of materials or service as the one that they had in Japan, so they decided to bring the equipment and the franchise here.

According to Ms Watanabe, the equipment is made of very sturdy material, and the bungee ropes are adjusted according to the weight of the participant. Hence, in the ten years of the company’s existence, there has been not a single accident. Each participant is assisted by at least one crew member.

Ms Watanabe’s company has signed a three-month contract with The Mind Museum, but if there is sufficient demand for it, she will consider extending the stay of Bungee Bungee in this location.

How high can you jump? Ms Watanabe said that the Bungee Bungee can go up to 9 meters, which is nearly 3 storey high. That is sufficient to pump a lot of adrenaline into most people’s body.

Hopefully this article has given you all the information you need to decide to try this out. Let us know how it goes!

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