For those who like to join fun run, you would know that Color Manila, an event organizer, has been holding fun runs in Fort Bonifacio for a few years. This year, they held a different kind of fun run in McKinley West. It was a 5 km run with 20 obstacles in between.

Their race kit started at P1,500 per person and included an event shirt, sunglasses, race bib, finisher’s medal, and a color packet that a participant can use on oneself or others.

The event started at 5:30am for the first wave, and then subsequent waves at 15 minutes’ interval.

We went there at around 7am, and saw many participants still enjoying the obstacles. Most participants were adults in their twenties, but there were a few kids going through the obstacles with their parents. Fortunately, they were near teens, since there were no obstacles that were designed for smaller kids.

Most of the obstacles were not too challenging for people who exercise regularly. 

The monkey bar was one that required the participants to have strong upper body, so it was a bit challenging for most ladies.

The net crawl was one of the most fun obstacles, judging from the faces of the participants.

The balance beams were moderately challenging.

Apart from the organizer’s obstacles, there was a sponsored activity. Honda Motors had a free trial ride for participants to ride their motorcycle on site. Many participants took advantage of this offer.

There were two sets of similar obstacles in the course. They were bouncy castle type of climbing wall and slide combination. They were more for fun than for challenging the participants, in our view.

There were event assistants at each obstacle to help ensure that participants used the equipment properly. However, the run was not timed, and no one checked whether a participant had completed an obstacle. It was all for fun.

After the event, there was some singing and dancing performances by organizers and participants. 

This event is probably only one of a few fun run events left to be held in McKinley West, as the township is gradually being built up by office and condomium buildings. If, however, they will organize the same activity in McKinley West next year, we will most likely take part, now that we know the obstacles are quite manageable!

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