Fort Bonifacio is a thriving business center in Metro Manila. Companies based here employ over 50,000 people. How do people get to work in Fort Bonifacio? The majority of employees doubtless relies on mass transport such as buses, MRT, jeepneys and passenger vans commonly known as UV Express or FX.

Mass Transport Facilities

Unlike many other countries, the authorities in Metro Manila seldom provide public transport terminals.  Inadequate public investment in transport infrastructure is one of the main causes of traffic woes. The terminals listed below are all privately owned, so either it is exclusive to one company or transport services have to pay rent.

Jeepney and FX Terminals at east end of BGC

For a city with a residential population of over 50,000 and jobs for a similar number of people, who mostly live outside of BGC, the management of BGC provides only one transport terminal, the transport terminal at Market! Market! Mall on the east side of BGC. You can check out the current transport routes and prices for Market! Market! here.

If you are looking for alternative transportation, you can check SM Aura, Kalayaan or Bonifacio Technology Center.


BGC Bus has the monopoly on bus service within BGC. Since jeepneys are not allowed to ply within BGC, commuters rely on the BGC Bus company to get to most places inside BGC.  First-time riders need to know that if you pay cash, you need to have exact fare, currently P13. Alternatively, you can use either a tap card (the Beep card is sold in some terminals), or buy tickets at a cashier counter at terminals at Ayala or Market! Market!

See BGC Bus routes map here.

Many BGC buses are environmentally friendly. However, the buses that they contract out at some hours, run by HM Transport Inc., are often smoke-belchers.

FX Terminal at McKinley Hill

We have updated the subsection ÔÇ£Going to McKinley HillÔÇØ to include the new FX Terminal at Venice Grand Canal mall. 

Major Transport Routes

Fares indicated are as of August 2019. Check with operators for up to date fare. Returning trips are often just the reverse of the first trip, but in some cases, it is possible that they differ significantly. Help other commuters by letting us know by email:
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