Like any business districts, the landscape of The Fort is dotted by
convenience stores.
Office workers in The Fort visit these convenience stores not only for
snacks and refreshment, but also as a place to take their mind off work
and for meeting people, believe it or not.
But are all convenience stores the same? We did a little research and
found out a few things.

We surveyed 12 convenience stores in The Fort, of which ten belongs to chains and only two are independently owned and operated.

Price Comparison

We compare the prices of twelve items that are commonly purchased in convenience stores.

All 7-Eleven stores, of which there are at least 7 in BGC, have the
same price for the same item irrespective of location, so we only need
to show the results for one store.
Same with Ministop stores, which there are two and will be three in
BGC. Mercury Drug is included in this survey,
as this store across St. Luke’s Hospital on 32nd Street is open 24
hours, and sells many items similar to a convenience store in addition
to medical supplies.
As it turns out, the price of many items we checked was lowest in
Mercury Drug store.


Selected branches of 7-Eleven provides bills payment service.

The convenience store with the largest number of sit-down tables is
actually not on the list, but very near to several that are.
It is the 7-Eleven store on 2nd Avenue between 31st and 32nd Streets.
It actually has ten tables, more than some restaurants have! Convenience
stores nowadays actually
want to grab business from fast food restaurant, as evidenced by the
ready to eat meal packages displayed on the shelves of all convenience

Best Sit-Down Convenience Store

In terms of ambience, no other convenience store can beat the new
comer Circle K, which is located on 30th Street across a small jogging
It is the newest chain to enter The Fort. Its decor is bright and modern,
and spacious. It has a counter that makes simple Asian noodle and rice
meals on the spot. Family Mart,
which is a joint venture between Ayala Corp and a Japanese group, is in
second place as it also provides decent sit-down place, and its
products include packaged Japanese food items.

A Changing Landscape

A new RustanÔÇÖs Supermarket is rumoured to be open in 2014 in Central
Square, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue. RobinsonÔÇÖs Supermarket is also
set to open at 8 Forbestown Road,
Burgos Circle. When they do, they may take away some of the daytime
customers of convenience stores nearby. But the night will still belong
to the convenience stores.

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