Moving to a new place in a foreign country can be daunting for many people. But not for Luis Contreras. 

Luis, a US national, is the Country Manager of Crown Philippines. Based in Manila, Luis is responsible for the performance and future growth of CrownÔÇÖs operation across Philippines. As an expat himself, Luis knows the challenges that a person faces when moving to an unfamiliar environment.┬á

TheFortCity.com recently talked to him to find out how he finds working and living in the Philippines since he moved here with his family two and a half years ago.

According to Luis, his work days are spent between Crown PhilippinesÔÇÖ offices in Laguna and Metro Manila. In Laguna, Crown Philippines has a state-of-the-art warehouse that provides record management services to corporations so that their important documents and items are stored properly and securely. Its hi-tech management system ensures also that any document or item can be retrieved in a very short notice.

This facility in Laguna also stores household items for Crown PhilippinesÔÇÖ clients and their employees, such as when a client is still in the process of looking for a new home, or needs special storage facilities for their valuable possessions.

Photo: Crown PhilippinesÔÇÖ state of the art warehouse in Laguna. It meets International seismic standards for building and racking systems.

LuisÔÇÖ work involves more than taking care of clientsÔÇÖ physical items, though. His company, established in 1965, has evolved from being a moving company to one that helps corporations settle their clients or their employees in overseas postings in all aspects, including processing employment visa applications, finding suitable accommodation and arranging a preview of a location before a client or its employee decides to relocate. This seamless service is called Crown World Mobility service.

Luis takes pride in his companyÔÇÖs ability to comply with the highest standards required in all areas of his companyÔÇÖs work.┬á

With over 200 offices in more than 50 countries around the world, Luis is very confident that his clients will experience minimal hassle when they need to relocate a client or its employees from one country to another, no matter how different or difficult the procedures involved are. Crown Philippines also handles relocation within the Philippines.

When not in Laguna, Luis spends a lot of time in Fort Bonifacio, where he lives and many of his clients are located. He chose the Fort as his base in Metro Manila because he can easily meet with his clients, many of whom have offices either in the Fort or Makati, which is only a short ride from the Fort most of the time.

ÔÇ£I like living in Bonifacio Global City (inside Fort Bonifacio) because it has so many good restaurants and cafes!ÔÇØ Luis explains. Of course, for a family with a young child, the Fort also has the most pleasant and secure surrounding one can find in Metro Manila, what with its wide sidewalks, underground powerlines, and open space, among other things.

Apart from the expertise that Crown Philippines provides in settling expat families in the Philippines, LuisÔÇÖ familiarity with restaurants that serve good Japanese, Italian and Chinese food in Fort Bonifacio most certainly makes him even more valuable to his clients who are moving here in the near future!

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