What are your favorite Italian, Japanese, and Filipino restaurants in the Fort?

According to a research done by RTL in the month of July 2018, which surveyed the sentiments of over 100 posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Food Blogs and Forums, these are the favorite Italian restaurants in the Bonifacio Global City:

What about Japanese food?

The result shows that people like different kinds of Japanese food. While there are a lot of ramen specialty shops in the Fort, and many of them got on the list in the survey, the top favorite food is one that is known for katsu, breaded fried pork chop. However, another very famous katsu restaurant in the Fort, Maisen, surprisingly did not make the list. Location may be a big factor. Yabu is located in a popular mall, whereas Maisen is located at Shangri-La at the Fort, at a quiet corner. 167 posts were analysed in the research.

The research result on Filipino food found that the favorite Filipino restaurant for most people in the research is a buffet restaurant located at Market Market. Value for money is probably its main attribute. Abe, which belongs to the same group as Lorenzo’s Way and has long been a favorite restaurant for a lot of old timers in the Fort, did not even make it to the list.

What do you think of the research result? Does it surprise you? Share your views with us!

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