If you live or work in the Fort, you must have seen many people running, jogging and exercising in many parts of this modern city in early mornings and late evenings. You should therefore not be surprised to learn that the Fort is also home to many state-of-the-art sports clinics in the Philippines, providing medical advice and services to people who want to stay at the top of their game or recover from sports-related injury. We have found three of them to share with you.


Address: Unit 7GH, Fort Palm Spring Condominium, 30th Street, corner, 1st Avenue, BGC

Contact: (0917) 114 3888

VisionGym claims to be the first sports clinic in the Philippines to offer an Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suit that you can wear while working out. This Singapore-based company opened their first branch in the Philippines in the Fort last July. The clinic uses a hi-tech sports apparel to help users save time in getting fit. According to their trainer, with the help of EMS, a 20-minute workout can burn up to 700 calories (this is equivalent to 10.9 miles per hour run in 30 minutes). And in that 20 minutes, you are only asked to do light workouts like running on a treadmill or pedaling a bicycle.

EMS suit of VisionGym. It has pads embedded in it that send electromagnetic signals to your muscles.

Before you wear the suit, you are required to remove all clothing except for sports bra (for women). Don’t worry because they provide their clients with disposable underwear to be used for the session. Moreover, as we spoke with the staff of VisionGym, they told us that the suit has antibacterial properties in it. They also wash it right after a client finishes with their workout session. They also added that their┬áservices are therapeutic for your damaged muscles and joints since you are only asked to do lightweight exercises. VisionGym can help you bulk up, tone, and lose some body weight.

You can burn a lot more calories in a short time, thus allowing you more time for other leisure activities. That’s why the nature of their┬ábusiness is very suitable for the working professionals here in Fort Bonifacio. They charge P7,500 for 3 sessions but lower per session rate if you pay for more sessions. They also offer a membership of your choice: Silver for 1 month (P21,000), Gold for 3 months (P45,000), and Platinum for 6 months (P72,000). Currently, they are offering discounts to celebrate the branch’s opening.

Pace Prehab & Recovery

Address: 16th Floor, MDI Corporate Center, 10th Avenue, corner, 32nd Street, BGC

Contact: (0915) 678 3600

Pace Prehab & Recovery’s lobby

Pace Prehab & Recovery is the first prehab and recovery center to open here in Fort Bonifacio. Its owner Francis Diano, a renowned sports specialist who was previously based in New York, believes that prevention is better than cure. That’s why he decided to come back in the Philippines to bring the prehab and recovery services here in the country in January 2016.

The center offers various services which can be compared to those in New York in terms of quality. One of which is the indoor cycling facilities which are good if you are planning to join a virtual race. Aside from that, they also have a Woodway treadmill whose engine can run up to 6 HP. The prehab center is also in possession of an equipment called recovery boots that relaxes your muscles after doing strenuous activities. Recently, they added a therapy called Body Tuning wherein you undergo PT sessions to loosen tight muscles and help you relax more.

Relaxation is the utmost priority of Pace, that’s why clients are obliged┬áto watch TV while wearing these recovery boots after doing strenuous physical activities.

Pace Prehab & Recovery offers various packages that can range from P8,000 to P20,500. A Recovery Package costs P8,000 and the Starter Package can cost you P17,500.

Woodway treadmill in Pace Prehab & Recovery

Almario Physio Team PT Clinic

Address: Unit 808, The Infinity Tower, 26th Street, corner, 11th Avenue, BGC

Contact: (02) 776 4977 | (0977) 831 3424

Address: Unit 210, McKinley Park Residences, 3rd Avenue, corner, 31st Street, BGC

Contact: (02) 519 8338 | (0917) 634 0226

Almario Physio Team PT Clinic specializes in physiotherapy services to treat ailments such as back pain, postural correction, work and sports related injuries. It has two branches in The Fort. The branch in McKinley Park Residences offers basic physical therapy sessions for HMO clients. This branch accepts health cards to cover the fees per session. Meanwhile, the branch at The Infinity Tower caters to private clients. They have doctors for consultation as well as a small area for exercises.

It is important to exercise to keep ourselves fit. Now that we know some places that can help us improve our strength, or recover if we, unfortunately, injure ourselves, there is one fewer excuse not to exercise, right?

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