As a community website, building bridges and connecting people are the objectives of That’s why we always take initiative in organizing events that will be beneficial to the Fort Bonifacio community. Last year we successfully organized the first-ever “Air-Mazing Race” that helped inform groups of school children about the importance of clean air in the city. This year, we aimed to reach out to our resident-seniors, this led to the conception of the “Active Seniors’ Day“.

This latest feat of happened last January 27, 2018, at the Function Room of the Grand Hamptons Tower 1. We invited three instructors that are experts in their respective fields to do a 45-minute class on yoga, tai chi, and ballroom dancing. Major sponsors were also given a chance to do a 15-minute presentation. Senior residents in Fort Bonifacio were invited to attend the event for free.

The event started at 2 o’clock in the afternoon with a yoga class by Ms. Anna Unson-Price. Residents who participated were able to learn about breathing techniques that could help them increase oxygen intake and thus improve health.

Ms. Price taught participants the better way to sit and breathe.

Almario Physio Team, a physiotherapy clinic in BGC, informed residents of their services and played fitness games with residents wherein each participant had to perform a certain exercise in order to win prizes.

The tai chi class was headed by Ms. Sue Pasustento, who had practiced the arts for almost a decade. Residents learned several basic tai chi moves that, if practiced consistently, could over time help them improve their flexibility and balance. Ms. Pasustento shared that she picked up this martial arts when she was working in Shanghai, China, and saw how it benefitted people of all ages, but especially the elderly.

Ms. Pasustento guided participants in practicing Tai Chi moves.

Chair yoga was demonstrated by Yoga Plus, another major sponsor of the event, to the participants. It was a short but effective work-out even for those who were too shy to exercise with strangers! told the opportunity to encourage residents to be tech-savvy. We introduced them to an augmented reality game that required the use of a smartphone and access to the internet. The crowd was visibly amused by this new feature of the website. Gift certificates from the event sponsors were given as prizes for those who were able to scan and screenshot the image that appeared after scanning the logo.

Before the next program started, our third major sponsor, The Zen Institute, presented their products and services through a video presentation. After that, the music started and everyone who had waited for this moment got up on his or her feet. The dance instructors, Ms. Ana Nualla and Mr. Sean Aranar, patiently taught participants the basic steps of salsa and swing. It was not easy to follow the steps in such a short time, but everyone tried hard and enjoyed the process.

The event concluded merrily at around 6 PM with everyone in a tired but happy mood. 

The event would not have been made possible without the support of Almario Physio Team, Yoga Plus, The Zen Institute, and Esencia Day Spa

We are also grateful to our media sponsors, E.Q.U.I.P. @ BGC and for publicizing the event, FBDC for providing us with gift certificates, and our instructors and participants.

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