As in Tokyo, working people in Fort Bonifacio need to be able to eat fast and not spend too much. Plus, we also want to eat well. It is therefore a good idea to import some of the food technologies from Japan to here.

At this newly opened udon place at Bonifacio High Street, Marugame Udon and Tempura, we can experience how good food can be prepared and served quickly. They make the udon fresh in the shop, pre-cook broth and meat using good ingredients, and prepare your food piping hot as you order.

Step 1. Get your bowl of udon

Step 2. Choose your meat. Beef, pork or chicken.

Then they put hot broth into it.

Step 3. Add tempura. 

A shrimp tempura costs P60.

Step 4. Get your drinks.

Nothing fancy. Prices are clearly displayed.

Step 5. Pay.

They standardize everything but keep the flavor and quality of food reasonably high, and at a cost of less than P200 per meal.

Step 6. Enjoy!

To achieve the triple goals of good food, fast service and low price, restaurants like Marugame and Din Tai Fung have invested time in studying how to make and serve Asian food the fast food way without sacrificing too much in quality. Customers have voted with their wallet.

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