Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Fort Bonifacio can be regarded as a township in the Philippines that has been developed to resemble most closely to a modern city found in a developed country. Apart from features such as wide sidewalks and underground power and phone cables, the most notable difference that BGC has as compared to other business centers in Metro Manila is the existence of green spaces.

We list below green spaces in BGC where you can take a break and nourish your eyes with a natural green surrounding, many of which are also adorned with art installations.


(1) Terra 28th

A rectangular park that measures 48 meters wide and 186 meters long, Terra 28th is the size of 20 basketball courts. There are different areas within the park designated for traditional outdoor games like piko.

This park used to be the one and only public space in BGC that had playground equipment, but sadly those equipment were damaged and removed in 2018. 

(2) Track 30th

On the other side of Bonifacio High Street lies another park that is of similar configuration as Terra 28th, but Track 30th was built more for joggers as it has a track that goes around the whole park.

(3) Burgos Circle park

This tiny park is built on the island of a traffic roundabout. The art installation, The Trees, has made it a favorite Instagram location. 

As it is surrounded by residential buildings, it is also a popular dog park.

(4) BGC Greenway

This 1.6 kilometer long greenway is the pride of the BGC community, because it came to fruitition only through the joint efforts of the local community and the semi-private company that manages BGC. It was first launched in 2017, and in 2019, the community raised more funds to beautify a section of it. More upgrade is said to be on the way.

(5) The park at Kasalikasan

Next to the Greenway Park and the residential building of Pacific Plaza Tower, Kasalikasan is a hidden park that many residents are not aware of.

(6) De Jesus Oval

An island in the middle of another traffic roundabout, De Jesus Oval is partially closed at weekends for community activities like dog training, bicycle riding for young kids, and yard sales.

(7) Sundial Park. Art installation: Kasaysayan Bawat Oras

Near Singaporean Chancery, the Sundial Park has an art installation that is supposed to be an functional sundial.

(8) Jose Yao Campos Park

Located next to The Mind Museum, the small JY Campos Botanical Park is not very visible to the outside world. Thus, it is a good place to gather your thoughts.

(9) One Bonifacio Park

This park, completed in 2018, is sandwiched between Shangri-La at the Fort hotel and One Bonifacio High Street Park. There are two art installations in this park.

(10) North Pocket Park

This is the tiniest green space that is also the furthest north from the center of Bonifacio Global City. The copper art installation was inspired by the mathematical sign that represents infinity.

(11) Bonifacio High Street

This famous shopping street in the heart of Bonifacio Global City is one kilometer long. About half of it is open space covered in greenery and decorated by art installations.

(12) Burgos Park

Nestled between the condominiums of Forbeswood Parklane and 8 Forbestown Road, Burgos Park sometimes is used for mini weekend markets.

Public rest areas outside buildings

(13) Net Park

Located outside the office buildings now called Seven / NEO (formerly Net Park) and Six /NEO (formerly Net Lima), this park is mainly used by office workers to catch their breath after a day’s work.

(14) The Finance Centre

Outside this office building that was completed in 2019 is a big open space that has some greenery. The area seems best suited for taking a rest after the sun goes down.

(15) Arthaland Century Pacific Tower, 5th Ave. corner 30th St

This rest area, located outside Arthaland Century Pacific Tower and World Plaza, was completed in 2019.

(16) High Street South Corporate Plaza (under construction Jan 2020)

The park is located between HSSCP and East and West Gallery residential buildings.

(17) Avida Verte Towers (residential)

A small rest space is being constructed between two residential buildings.

There is also a micro rest area outside Five/NEO office building (popularly known as JP Morgan building) near the bus depot, but it is so small that it is not even marked on Google Map.

There is an amphitheater outside BGC Arts Center at 26th Street, and the public can use it as a rest area as well.

In addition to these designated rest areas, there are open spaces in BGC that are kept green before they become construction sites for another high rise building, but such open spaces are getting fewer and fewer now.

A new rest area may also be under construction soon in north Bonifacio. We are talking about the Icone Tower that is rumored to be under construction at the corner of 11th Avenue and 11th Drive, next to Uptown Mall. See the last video in this article.

Near BGC

(18) Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The roundabout island outside Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is quite tranquil, maybe because there is no pedestrian crossing to access it. But you can go there any time, while the cemetery-cum-WWII Memorial, which has a lot of green space inside, is only open to the public between 9am to 5pm.

(19) Open Park near The Woodridge, McKinley Park Road, McKinley Hill

This small park with a fountain is the only park in McKinley Hill. It is located near Tuscany Estate and Venice Piazza, and outside The Woodridge apartments.

Locations of the parks

You can find almost all of the green spaces mentioned here in this map. In the Category box, click ‘Parks’.

Find art installations in the parks

How about playing a game to find art installations in the parks in BGC? We have released BGC Art Walk #3 in our mobile app It is a game that gives you clues to find a number of art installations in BGC, and you can do it at your own pace, because not everything fun has to be a race. The art walk, if all 7 stops are found, is 5 kilometers long. It also contains information about several popular public arts in BGC. So take a walk in the parks!

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