The Urban Land Institute of the Philippines hosted ÔÇ£A Resilient and Healthy BGCÔÇØ Community Workshop on July 31, 2015, which was attended by over 90 dignitaries, BGC locators, community leaders and members. The workshop included many interesting presentations. Apart from the presentation by Mr. Robert Siy, Senior Adviser, Office of the Undersecretary for Planning that covered the proposed Metro Manila Bus Rapid Transit System, which we reported in an earlier article, there was a related presentation by Ms. Myra Ocampo, Deputy Head of Operations, Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, in which Ms. Ocampo explained the scope and schedule of the BGC Greenway project.

Ms Myra Ocampo of FBDC at the workshop 

Ms Myra Ocampo explains BGC Greenway project.

The Greenway project under planning by the authority of BGC, namely Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, will be located on the western part of Bonifacio Global City, along the boundary between Manila Golf Club and residential buildings in BGC such as Bonifacio Ridge, Bellagio towers, 8 Forbestown Road, Pacific Plaza Towers, and so on. It will utilize the old Meralco easement at the western edge of BGC. A greenway is “a strip of undeveloped land near an urban area, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection” (Oxford dictionary).┬á

Span of BGC Greenway

BGC Greenway will be the longest linear park in Metro Manila. It will have pathways that link up several pocket parks currently located in the corridor between the golf club and residential buildings. When finished, one can walk 1.5 kilometer from one end to the other, for exercise or for transiting to a further destination.

Providing green space to BGC.

BGC Greenway as envisioned by Urban Land Institute of the Philippines.

Neighborhood of the greenway.

Phasing and schedule of BGC Greenway

The BGC Greenway project has two phases, the first phase is to upgrade the duct that carries the power line (115kV), and the second phase is to put in the amenities for a park, such as good soil, shrub, pathway and lighting.

Two phases of the project.

Underground cross section of the easement.

The BGC Greenway project was a citizen’s initiative that was supported by the Urban Land Institute of the Philippines and adopted by FBDC.

Mr. Michael Keppler, a resident and an early proponent of the BGC Greenway project, spoke at the workshop.

Healthy BGC

This project is a fine example of what can be achieved when the community work with the local authorities to make the neighborhood a better place. Just when we are worried about the loss of greenery and open space in BGC as a result of the construction of previously empty lots, we learned about this wonderful project. We can hardly wait for its completion in 2016!

BGC Greenway Update

Read about the status of BGC Greenway as in July 2016 in this blog.

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