If you are new to Fort Bonifacio, or you have a visitor, you will want to know how to answer the question : “what is there to do around here?”

Or, if your company has recruited a new staff from out of town, you would like to be able to point that person to a place that can help him or her settle in quickly.

There are websites that show you what is in Bonifacio High Street, but you will not be able to find anything about Burgos Circles, Uptown, or SM Aura Mall, let alone what happens in nearby McKinley Hill. There are sites that tell you about a few condominium buildings in Fort Bonifacio, but they do not show you where the supermarkets or schools are.

There is only one place where everything can be found.

Our Visitor’s Guide to the Fort has everything a visitor needs, whether she or he is coming for a day, or staying for a long period of time.

Information by Districts

To organize the large amount of information in an easily readable format, we have divided the information by administrative districts of Fort Bonifacio. The main page of the Visitor’s Guide shows seven districts using different colors, such as Bonifacio Center in purple, or Crescent Park West in yellow. You can click on either the colored area, or the corresponding district name to go to the page showing information related to that particular district.

The map on this main visitor’s guide page is interactive, so you can zoom in to see more details, or zoom out to see a bigger picture.

Places of Interest

Inside a district page, you will immediately see a list of places of interest, so you or your visitor can get some ideas on what to look for when visiting that district. Each place of interest has a brief description, as well as a map location to help you find it quickly.

For example, in Bonifacio South district, which is an area that is south of 26th Street, the places of interest that we list are: Mercato Centrale, the Flying Trapeze, as well as the Maybank Performing Arts Center which is set to open later part of 2016. 

We also list several interesting restaurants, since food is a main attraction for a lot of people when they visit a place.

Community facilities, retail services and more

For people moving to Fort Bonifacio to live, or thinking about doing so, it is better to know before hand where the supermarkets, schools, cinemas are, so that they can assess their transport needs.

Therefore, below Places of Interest and Newly Opened and Interesting Restaurants, we provide a table that shows facilities that meet people’s daily needs. Here are the five main categories and some of their subcategories:

Community facilities>schools, supermarkets, government offices

Dining and retail>restaurants, malls

Fitness and Health>gyms and clinics

Accommodation>short term accommodation like hotels, long term rental like condominiums. For those who are looking for a place to rent or buy, we have a Real Estate section in the main menu of the site which provides more detailed information on each building.

Office buildings>existing and buildings under construction. 

For example, in University Park district, one can find out where each school is located. When the map icon is clicked, a pop out map will show the location of the school, and since it is an interactive map, you can use it to find where you live, and see how far it is from that particular institution.

View by category

While we have presented information by districts, we also give you the option to view each category of information across all districts. For example, if you want to see all the Places of Interest, you can click on the View by Category button at the bottom of a District page, and then click the Places of Interest  tab in the table. The districts are listed on the left hand column.

If you click on a place of interest, for example, Venice Piazza, it will show the address, a short description and map marker of the place. Now, isn’t that handy?

Help Us Make it Better

Right now, the guide contains a lot of information for visitors, but we want to make it even better. Let us know what areas we should improve on and we will see what we can do.

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