When we first saw the artistic photos of this place last year, we were skeptical that the actual place, when finished, would look like what were shown in those photos, because the place looked so futuristic and extraordinary.

Then, when we finally went inside Ibiza Beach Club last week, we were “wowed” by it. Ibiza Beach Club is located on the 6th floor of the equally futuristic looking office building called W City Center at 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.┬á

The restaurant looked even more impressive than the artist impressions that we saw. The place was expansive, and the ceiling was quite high. The interior design can be described as minimalist, yet elegant and chic. It was originally scheduled to open in December 2016. We waited, and waited. Finally, we were told that it would open in April 2017. The wait was worth it.

We were fortunate enough to be invited by the restaurant to try out their Balearic-inspired 15-course grilled meat meal for lunch during a weekday shortly after their soft opening on April 16. We should have skipped breakfast.

The restaurant occupies 4,000 square meters of space and has a seating capacity of 1,000. A variety of seating layout is offered, so that guests can choose a different layout according to their mood at each visit. There are small tables, tables with cushioned back, low tables, large oval tables, indoor bar area, outdoor bar area, jacuzzi area (yes!) and a sunken table area. On top of that, there is a VIP area for private parties.

Protein Lunch : Meat Till You Drop

Before this lunch, we had no idea what a Balearic grill was. We only know that Balearic islands are an archipelago in Spain that is famous for its restaurant scene, like Boracay of Spain. Now that we have tried it, we can describe it with two words: Endless Meat.

But before we were served the grilled meat, we were guided to the salad bar. It was no ordinary salad bar. The salads were very fresh and full of varieties. We particularly liked the Thai beef salad and the lamb salad, as the meat tasted so good. Little did we know that it was just the tip of the meatberg that we would be getting.

The signature 15-course meal costs P2,500 per person. This may seem expensive before you try it. But with unlimited serving of any meat in the 15-course meal, it is actually a good value deal if you can eat a lot of meat, because the cost of an order of jumbo prawns, filet mignon, lamb chop and ostrich will likely cost over P1,000 each in a regular restaurant. With Ibiza Beach Club’s 15-course meal, you can order as many of each one of the 15 dishes as you like, plus unlimited salad and a one-of-a-kind dessert called Queen Pi├▒a. If you take this set in the evening, you get to enjoy live band and performance, too.

Value Lunches

To fill up the tables at lunch time, Ibiza Beach Club has two lunch offerings that are actually of great value. You can choose the Executive Lunch Set at P1,000 per head, which includes soup, the salad bar, and a main course that lets you choose from seven meat dishes that includes US Angus rib eye and jumbo prawns, and the pineapple dessert. Of even greater value is the Early and Late Seating Lunch Special, served if you can be seated either between 11AM and 12:30PM, or 1:30PM and 2PM. For P500, you can get the soup, the salad bar, the dessert, and a choice from five meat dishes that include baby back ribs and crispy pork belly.

Video: Day time at Ibiza Beach Club

Live Band and Performance

After the lunch treat by the restaurant, we were so impressed that we decided to check out their shows at night time at our own expense.

Instead of the 15-course grilled meat, we decided to try the tapas set, at P2,880 for two persons. While it did not give us unlimited orders of each dish, each tapas dish was cooked well and tasted great. Of the six tapas included in the set, we particularly liked the garlic shrimp, grilled lamb skewers and Italian meatballs. We also ordered the pork baby back ribs at P670, which came in three big pieces, possibly the same order size as a full slab. To finish the meal, we ordered the Queen Piña at P320. While it tasted the same, the portion size was like one third of that offered to us at lunch a few days ago. Another reason to go for the Balearic grill instead of going a la carte, if you like pineapple a lot.

We went there at around 7PM, so we finished eating way before the live performances started. A live band started their gig at 8PM, and it went on for 40 minutes. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable 40 minutes, as the singing was very good, and the songs performed were very soothing.

The live performance started at around 9PM. The theme that night was retro disco, so songs from 1970s and early 1980s were sung and danced with. The performers did a great job of entertaining us, with their good singing and well-rehearsed dance moves.

One would notice quite easily how well the sound system enhanced the artists’ performance. The soft fabric that is used to decorate the ceiling of the venue no doubt helps to reduce the production of noise from the walls. For example, we could hear the sound of the saxophone crystal-clearly during the live band performance.

Even though the restaurant’s price of food is a bit higher than that of a regular restaurant, we expect Ibiza Beach Club to be filled with customers in a few months’ time, as it is such as unique experience from the moment that one steps into the restaurant that will keep people going back again and again, especially when they have guests.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Since the owner of this restaurant is also the distributor of Movenpick Ice Cream of Switzerland, Ibiza Beach Club is said to be the only place in Metro Manila where you can order the world renowned Movenpick Ice Cream. 

Video: Night Time at Ibiza Beach Club

Video: Dance performance at Club Ibiza Manila

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