[update: this restaurant has closed since Aug 2019. They have opened a stall at a coworking space called Common Ground, at Arthaland Tower, 5th Avenue, BGC]

Do you need caffeine to wake you up in the morning? 

If you do, then open your mind to a new drink that does not give you the bad side effect of coffee. According to proponents of matcha, a drink that is made from powdered green tea leaves, the caffeine in matcha is assimilated in a healthier way than coffee or black tea. The caffeine in matcha binds to catechin molecules and is released into the blood stream slowly, so you never have to experience the “crash” that comes after the energy spike brought by coffee wears off.

Nomi is the first matcha specialty cafe opened in the west side of the Fort, at the ground floor of the W City City near Shangri-La at the Fort.

The three founders behind Nomi are health conscious young people with heritages from four countries, a reflection of the global appeal of Fort Bonifacio. Michael Jiang is familiar to many runners in the Fort, as he is the founder of Suns Out Fitness, a group formed for fitness enthusiasts that exercise regularly around Bonifacio Global City. 

Tak├® Hosomi is a Japanese national whose family owns a matcha cafe in Kyoto. Asuka Hosokawa is a mestiza with Filipino and Japanese blood. She has connection with a large local restaurant chain.

Drinks and more

The current menu of Nomi contains drinks, desserts and some food items. 

For lunch, they have rice bowls such as chicken power bowl (P290), beef me up (P340) and F’ck Yeah I’m Vegan (P360).

In our first visit,we tried their Hot Matcha Latte (P160) and Iced Matcha Refresher (P170). We found the hot matcha latte very serious, so we had to order a sweetener (honey solution P10) to make it more palate-friendly. The iced matcha refresher on the other hand was really refreshing. It had a lemony taste, and the green tea was not too bitter.

For dessert, we ordered a cookie shot (P150), and had a bit of fun tackling it, because it was something that we had not encountered before. Looking back, there could have been a million different ways to consume it, but we chose a very primitive strategy in our first tasting. The liquid content was devoured first, and the cookie shell was then punished for not yielding to authority.

Soft opening

The cafe is on soft opening, and it opens from 11am to 10pm. Grand opening will be on April 10, 2018.

Curious? go and check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think of this new place.

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