Last Saturday morning (April 29, 2017), the first ever AirMazing Race was successfully held in Fort Bonifacio. Five teams from two schools competed to reach a secret location within the shortest time by solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. 

The participants were students between the ages of 12 and 15 from two schools: Global Leaders International School at University Parkway, and Leaders International Christian School at Bayani Road, both in Fort Bonifacio.

It was an intense game from start to finish. 

At the ground floor of the Net Park building, teams and volunteers gathered well before the registration time of 7:30AM. After everyone got briefed, they were led to the first stop at the basement of the building to start the race. 

It took the teams a while to complete the task at that stop because the puzzles that they had to solve there were not a walk in the park type. They had to read an article about air pollution and then answer a tough question. Those who could not get the correct answer had to complete a task before being given clues to find the next stop.

Several teams waiting to get the game card at one of the stops.

Once they emerged from the basement, they were given clues to go to the next stop. Not being familiar with the area, team members had to quickly get a bearing of where they were, using the printed map given to them as well as the smartphone that they were allowed to use in the race.

While some stops challenged the teams to solve puzzles using information provided and related to clean air, at other stops, they had to overcome challenges that required them to display dexterity as well as team work.

Unlike the TV show, the participants had to bear in mind an additional requirement of the AirMazing Race: they must follow traffic rules at all times. No jaywalking was allowed, Therefore, after figuring out the clues to the next stop, they had to figure out the shortest route bearing in mind the location of the pedestrian crossings.

Volunteers from the  Aboitiz Group who served as guardians of each team observed diligently for any infraction or situation that could put the participants in danger. They were marshals, protectors and mentors at the same time. It was not easy to juggle these tasks as they had to maintain fairness of the game as well.

It was a mad dash to the finish (except when they had to wait for the pedestrian crossing lights to turn green 🙂 ). Indeed, the participants were so keen to run that at times that the other powers of the body, such as reading, observation and critical thinking, were sidelined, just like anyone would, in a stressful situation. One team went a bit astray and found themselves lost in Bonifacio High Street. Luckily, the guardian assigned to each team was there to give a hand when needed, in exchange for a penalty time. All started well ended mostly well.

All participants at the finish stop in photo with the volunteers and organizers.

All participants except two completed the race. We had to stop two participants from continuing the race as one fell ill and the other had a fall during the race. Our first aid personnel gave them assistance on the spot, but concluded that it was best that they did not strain themselves any more. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

After checking the time of arrival and taking into account the penalty times, we had the winners. The winners of the competition were:

First Place: Team Leaders PionAirz, Leaders International Christian School

Rain Dezsthynee Uy Galleto

Arshia Nikitha Victor Das

Will Christian Villar Lucas

Second Place: Team All Caps from Global Leaders International School

Harly Esteban

Karl DePano

Jet Tontini

Third Place: Team Anti-Shift from Global Leaders International School

Jun Kevin Pimentel

Barbara Tachinardi

Stanley Esteban

Congratulations to these winners! They were awarded cash prizes on the spot. But everyone who took part and finished the competition was a winner, as they had been part of a wonderful experience that supports a worthy cause. 

For a glimpse of the race, check out this video:


This exciting and educational event would not have been possible without the generous support and donation of our sponsors. We sincerely thank:

The Net Group for letting us use their venues;

Regent Foods for the snacks for participants and volunteers;

Healthy Family for the bottled water;

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation for lending us a Tutubi bicycle and access to their parks and amphitheater;

– and Aboitiz Group for providing us with the volunteers!

Ms. Thet Mesias

Ms. Cristina Biyo 

Ms. Gloidan Papas 

Mr. Dave Devilles

Mr. Franz dela Fuente 

Ms. Maan Capistrano 

Mr. Jay Guevarra

Ms. Jam Salazar

Ms. Kaye Rosario-Sangalang 

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