[Update on April 17, 2022: Landers has recently changed its policy for parking. It requires a minimum purchase of P3,000 to get a P20 discount from parking fees. This makes joining Landers less attractive, compared to S&R’s free parking.]

Both are membership grocery chains. While S&R has been in BGC for over ten years, Landers arrived here only in 2021.

Membership fee: S&R charges P700 per year, Landers currently charges P600 annually, but if you catch one of their promoters in Uptown Mall, you can get the membership for much less!

Pros of Landers, compared with S&R

Interior: Landers has a high end interior, almost like a decent department store. S&R, on the other hand, has a warehouse interior.

Photo above: Landers has a more spacious store, making it more pleasant to stroll around

Range of products: while the categories of goods are nearly the same, Landers seems to have more products in each category, because it has a bigger floor space. The liquor section of Landers, for example, seem to contain more products.

Outside dining area and counters: Landers has a specialty coffee shop, a cooked food stall that sells fried chicken, pizza, and pasta, and soon, its pizza oven area will open as well. The sitting area is very cozy, and the price of food is reasonable. The coffee shop has OK, not great, coffee, and the prices are good, even for non-members. You can get a latte for P93, and even cheaper for members.

Price advantage in a few items: We have not done a comprehensive price survey. Our general impression is that the prices of most items in the two shops are similar. We did find one item that has a noticeable difference. Fresh milk is P140 per liter in Landers, whereas in S & R it is P155.

Photo above: Landers seafood section has fresh octopus, which is now also available in S & R.

Photo above: As of March 9, Landers’ dining area outside (indoor) the grocery section is on dry run.┬á

Cons of Landers

Parking: this is the main downside of Landers. The parking area is horrible. A narrow driveway is used for both ways, making it slow or even dangerous some times to get in and out. There is a parking fee of P30 for members if purchase is above P3,000 (P50 if not). S & R has free parking.

Store layout: the store occupies two floors, but the main shopping area is on the second floor. It has an escalator to go up and another to go down in the same area. The layout on the second floor is a little bit confusing, as it has a small loop within the big loop, so you cannot go around all the aisles in one loop.

Photo above: S & R has a warehouse look, like most grocery membership clubs.

Photo above: S & R offers similar meat selection as Landers.

Photo above: S & R snack selection is similar to Landers, but each has a few unique items.

Similar to S&R, no food or drink is allowed into the shopping area. In the case of Landers, even if you had bought a drink in their restaurant, you cannot bring it in. They do not tag the item like it is done in some supermarkets and allow you to bring it in. You have to leave it outside somewhere.


The two membership clubs are comparable in most aspects. The main consideration will therefore be the location. Next, you may be able to find a few items that are unique to one of them, and not available in the other shop. 

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