We came across this app in a social media group for BGC residents. We immediately were interested, because it was said to contain features that promote interaction between residents within a neighborhood. That sounds a lot like what TheFortCity.com is aiming to do all along, what a kindred spirit! We were keen to check the app out right away. Below is a summary of our findings.

Registering on the app was easy. The app size is relatively small, at under 20 MB, so it does not take up too much storage on our phone. Inside, it has a simply structure, and shows two main features: “Secondhand Deals” and “What’s UP”.

Events listing and news

The What’s UP (or “TownLife”) section lists events happening in BGC. Currently, its main events are those organized by Loket itself. Some members also post news in this section.

At this moment, Loket is running an event that gives a participant a plant in exchange for three pre-loved items. This sounds like a splendid idea. TheFortCity.com always supports initiatives that reduces the damage that we humans do to our planet.

So we gathered three preloved items, and arranged for a meet-up the next day. Mark and his colleague from Loket showed up at the appointed time. A very nice succulent plant was in her hand. We did the exchange, and both parties went home happy!

(Photo above: we gave up three preloved items, and received a succulent plant, thanks to Loket app)

Buy and sell in the neighborhood

The idea of being able to buy and sell to only people in our neighborhood has always been appealing to us. Not only will we be less likely to be scammed, in each transaction we get a chance to build a relationship with a neighbor, someone who is likely to have local knowledge that can benefit us.

Is this a good app?

How does the Loket app compare to the popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram, which also offer the features for members to post news and events? In terms of functions, it does pretty much what FB groups or marketplace can do. It allows members to post stories, and list items for sale. Its main advantage over existing apps is the team behind the app. They seem to have young, energetic and creative employees that actively create interesting events for the community. The company behind the app also is good at networking with commercial partners, which enables it to offer freebies to members as well as generate income in future from advertising.

Loket app does not only serve the BGC neighborhood. It can scale up and be introduced to other neighborhoods in the Philippines. If they succeed in doing that, the future is bright for it.

As far as we residents are concerned, we look forward to more events like the LibRECYCLE event that they are organizing, and more freebies would not hurt, especially when we can get to know our neighbors in the process!

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