BGC has a lot of specialty coffee places, and amongst them, some also embrace sustainability themes. This new cafe that opened in the second half of May 2023, though, is setting a new standard. It has great coffee, sources a lot of ingredients locally, uses recycled plastics in some of its furniture, and even use plant-based packaging materials for take-outs! And of course, the food is very good.

Located at the ground floor of the Milestone at Fifth office building along 5th Avenue, and across One Global Place at 25th Street, this cafe restaurant is the brainchild of three friends who worked abroad many years before coming home to the Philippines. The head chef, Ms Ruth, for example, had worked in Singapore for ten years.

When you walk into the cafe, you immediately will feel relaxed, and at home. Apparently, this kind of modern design is called Australian style.

Tables used for outdoor dining are made from recycled plastic by a local company called Flamingo. No plastic is used inside the cafe, even take out packaging is made from cassava. Local farmers supply most of the cooking ingredients, and the coffee beans are from Mount Apo in Davao City, according to their manager Kris Hagan.

Food waste goes to composting using Green Space’s bokashi bins. Afterwards, it becomes fertilizer and will be used by farmers in Caliraya in Laguna lake area, organized by Good Food community. In return, the farmers provide the cafe with their vegetables. This is indeed circular economy at work!

We were given a cashew orange croissant (P140) to try, which is made from a local citrus. The filo pastry is crispy and rich, and the cashew nut and fruit combination is tasty, and not too sweet. We would like the croissant to be less oily, but who can complain about French butter?
We went there in the morning, so we only tried their drinks. The mocha coffee was delicious, and we were impressed by the herbal tea offerings as well. We ordered a herbal mint tea

Photo above : Chef Ruth cooks up a storm in the open kitchen.

Photo above : Exterior of the cafe


Photo: the multicolored table top and planter are made with recycled plastic by a local company called Flamingo.

Photo: fresh herbs are used as decoration as well as cooking ingredients.

Photo: The food menu has a good variety, as well as a decent number of vegetarian and vegan choices.


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