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Choosing a preschool center is a major leap in discovering and furthering your childÔÇÖs potential. It will be the foundation of a childÔÇÖs future especially as they move up to big school. But with so many preschools in Fort Bonifacio, parents may have a hard time deciding which one they would enroll their child in. 

To help parents solve this dilemma, below is a short list of what parents should look for when scouting for the right preschool: 

1. Learning while having fun

A recent Pew Internet survey found that 87% of 2,500 teachers believe that because of new technologies, kids nowadays are easily distracted and have shorter attention spans, thereby hindering learning. To combat this, the right preschool should be able to incorporate fun activities in academic lessons, so that learning equals having fun.

2. Considerate teachers

Children are easily discouraged. A negative remark may remove a career option from their life. Teachers should naturally encourage students to perform well, but it is just as important to value the efforts that a child exerts.

3. Give each child adequate attention

Kids develop in different ways and paces. A good teacher should know each childÔÇÖs unique learning style and be able to hold a childÔÇÖs hands through the ups and downs of school. Low teacher-to-student ratio is the key for teachers to devote suf´¼ücient time to each student. Through this, the teacher can take into account each childÔÇÖs needs and give the appropriate coaching. 

4. Convenient location

Nowadays, it is becoming more common that both mommy and daddy are working, and are struggling to ´¼üt so many tasks in one day. So when the dilemma of the schoolÔÇÖs location is out of the way, it leaves the family with more quality time to spend together.

5. Facility for physical exercise

Toddlers and young children aren’t always as careful with their movements and surroundings, especially as they are developing and testing their physical abilities. Hence, a good preschool needs to have not only suf´¼ücient space for the kids to move around, but facilities that are padded that would prevent serious injuries.

With over 10 years of experience in bringing out the best in young children, Cambridge Child Development Centre (CCDC) possesses all these attributes. Located at the heart of Bonifacio High Street, drop off and pick up is a breeze. Restaurants and malls are also nearby so the family can easily spend quality time after school.

CambridgeÔÇÖs location.

Cambridge teachers are competent and helpful. They focus on a childÔÇÖs thorough understanding, and they make sure that every student is guided through the difficult lessons. 

Students in Cambridge can enjoy focused one-on-one sessions and fun-filled group classes.


The kidsÔÇÖ enjoyment is a priority in this preschool. A playground is available inside Cambridge so the children can have fun while learning, and so that they are away from the danger of crowds, traffic and unpredictable weather outside. CCDC’s indoor play area challenges the physical strength of the kids, and at the same time is well-padded to prevent injury. 

Cambridge also holds mini-field trips outside the school so that the kidsÔÇÖ learning process is not restricted within the four walls of the school. 

If you want your child to experience everything that Cambridge has to offer, go ahead and avail their 3-DAY FREE TRIAL and see why Cambridge is a step ahead of the rest. Call them to reserve your slot now! 

For inquiries, contact: 

Landline: (02) 856-4482 / (02) 856-4483 

Mobile numbers: +63 915 128 8088 

E-mail address: bhs@cambridge.com.ph

Location: 2nd Floor, Building 3 (Nike Building), 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, The Fort, Taguig 

Operation hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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