Coffee flavor.. Ambience. Location. These are the main factors that most people use to choose a specialty coffee place. In fact, since many specialty coffee places also want to be our third place (in addition to home and office), coffee flavor may not be the most important factor.

What about “Instagrammability” (we are sure that this word is or will be found in reputable dictionaries  )?

Before, we already have Caravan Black (Net Park), Frank & Dean (Burgos Circle), Kuppa (near BHS), Single Origin (BHS) and selected branches of the big coffee chains to take our mind to a glam-chill place when we sip coffee at their place. Costa Coffee at One World Plaza used to wow us with their spacious and British accented interior design, but it shuttered its doors last year. Luckily for us, a new cafe has opened in the Fort in August 2018 that takes cafe decor to a new level.

Photo: Costa Coffee, seen in the background, has closed its branch at One World Place BGC. Left is Frank and Dean, right is Caravan Black.

This new cafe at the edge of BGC must be a fervent believer in the power of IG. In this huge cafe that can easily fit 300 people, every inch is IG worthy. The feel of a glamourous country club oozes out of its every pore.

Photo: this branch of Coffee Project is huge, and contains a few sections with big conference table good for meetings

Its coffee is quite good as well. We had a brewed coffee (P105), and it was packed with decent Arabica flavor. In fact, we had to add hot water to dilute it to our preferred strength. They are definitely not stingy with coffee beans.

The cafe offers food items as well. We ordered a breakfast with bangus (P210) and a chicken empanada (P95), and both were good.
Photo: Wisecracking quote boards are standard for cafes in 2010s. But “The Loo” is a toilet sign in colloquial English. So socyal!
The cafe is so big that most of the time you will not have trouble in finding your own spot. However, the challenge for us and the cafe is its location. It is located in a relatively remote corner of Bonifacio Global City, at the ground floor of Vista Hub, 21st Drive corner 5th Avenue.  It is close to Essensa condominium, but there are only about three office buildings near it.
From other parts of BGC like Crescent West or Serendra, the place is a good 15-minute walk away. Paid public parking is available in Vista Hub.
We hope it will stay open at weekends, so that residents from other parts of the Fort can visit it when we need to have coffee or tea with friends in a IGmable place in the Fort.
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