Last December, we posted this contest on our Facebook Page and invited food establishments and our viewers to nominate their favorite desserts in Fort Bonifacio. We ran the contest for one month to see which dessert gets the highest number of “Likes” on the Facebook page.┬áWe received seven nominations, and counted the “Likes” received as of 5pm today.┬á

Of course, this is not the “serious” type of contest to find out which dessert tastes best, which is still subjective in our view. “Likes” can come from not only people who actually like the food, but also friends that the particular shop’s owners, employees and supporters can mobilize. Nonetheless, this is a fun exercise and gave us an excuse to try out these desserts. (We paid for our desserts and received no treats or fees from the establishments, in case you are wondering.) The top three most liked desserts are announced below.┬áWe set out to find out whether these desserts merit the support that they receive.

Number 3 – Honey Creme’s┬áRock Salt Dark Chocolate

“Honey Creme ice cream sitting on fine Italian dark chocolate syrup, the Rock Salt Dark Chocolate Flavor is best eaten when the chocolate hardens and topped with Himalayan pink salt.”

Price: P165

Location: 4th Floor, SM Aura Premier

We actually tried two flavors of their ice cream, Rock Salt Dark Chocolate and Caramel Popcorn. The soft ice cream tastes creamier than those found in fast food places or convenience stores. The main draw of the dessert is the additional flavors put in it, in this case rock salt. You will not complain that there is not enough salty taste in it. The Caramel Popcorn ice-cream, on the other hand, was generously coated with delicious popcorn. The place is nicely decorated, so you will not mind sitting there to take selfies while waiting for or eating your ice-cream.

Number 2 – Palate’s Frozen Creme Br├╗l├®e

“FROZEN CREME BR├øL├ëE with Caramel Nest, Vanilla Cremeux and Assorted Fruits.” ┬á

Price: P280

Location: 2nd floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue between 36th and 38th Streets, Fort Bonifacio

Palate is an underappreciated fine dining restaurant that we would like to go to more often.The owner-chef cooks with her heart and has great skills.

The presentation of this dessert blows all other contestants out of the water. The caramel nest is a stunner, and the plating with exotic fruits and edible flowers ┬ámake the dish super sosyal. On the other hand, we missed the “brulee” part of the dish. “Brulee”, as we found out, means a burnt part of the forest. In ordinary creme brulee, the caramel lies on top of the creme and is then torched. The creme brulee served to us did not have the charred sugar flavor. Sayang. We still like the dessert, but just could have liked it more.

Number 1 – Mango Almond Delight by Chiara’s Gelateria┬á

“A layer of mango sponge cake & almond meringue filled with mango chantilly cream & mango fruit inside.”

Price: Whole: P855, slice: P115

Location: Ground floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio

We liked this cake because it is quite delicious, and the price for a slice, which is plenty, is good. It has a decent amount of mango pieces and almond flakes, and the cream is not too heavy or too sweet. So next time when you are in Venice Canal Mall and crave for something sweet, remember Chiara’s Mango Almond Delight cake.┬á

In sum, our own ranking of these three desserts is in line with the ranking by the number of “Likes” on our Facebook page. Maybe this is by coincidence, or maybe not.

How about you? Do you agree with the rankings above? Or do you think there would have been a more deserving dessert that was not included in the list? Comment what you think below!

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