A new bus route was introduced by The Fort Bus company on March 7, 2016. It runs from Bonifacio Global City to ARCA South, a new township development owned by Ayala Corporation, the same company that owns the bus company. 

Drop Off/Pick up:

1. Arca South (FTI public transport terminal) beside Sunshine Mall

2. Market! Market! at Canopy

3. The Fort (The Fort Strip) along 28th Street

4. Net One along 3rd Avenue

5. Net Cube along 3rd Avenue

6. Crescent Park West (1st Ave) near Bonifacio Technology Center

7. Market! Market! along 32nd Street, across STI

8. Arca South

The bus only operates from 6am to 10am, and from 4pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday. It does not run on Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday.
There is no fixed schedule. Currently, they have two buses to serve this route continuously, so depending on traffic condition, the waiting time could be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as 40 minutes during rush hours.

They are still on dry run today (March 8), but we were keen to try it out. So we went to one of the stops to board the bus.

We boarded the bus at the bus stop outside Net Cube building on a very busy morning at 9:28am, and arrived at ARCA South, which is more popularly known as FTI (Food Terminal Interchange) at Taguig, at 10:01am, which is not bad at all, considering the traffic along 30th Street was very congested. The traffic at C5 was very smooth, since we were travelling south, while the majority of commuters were going north at that hour to go to Makati or Ortigas.

We left FTI at 10:10am, and arrived at Crescent Park West stop at 10:42am. But the actual trip time could be longer. Coming back, since we were the only passenger, the bus did not stop between FTI and Crescent Park West.

The cost of one trip is P24. This bus route should benefit people living near FTI or with easy access to it, and work in Fort Bonifacio. Yes, there are jeepneys going to MarketMarket Mall in Fort Bonifacio from FTI, but if you want to save time and do not mind riding in air-conditioned cabin in the summer, this new bus would be a better choice.

Watch the slide show below to see the route from Net Cube to ARCA South, and the actual appearance of the stops at Net Cube, Crescent Park West, Market!Market! and ARCA South. Not shown are the stops at RCBC building, the Fort Strip and Net One.

Let us know what you think of this new route. Write your thoughts in the comment box after you log in. You do not even have to register if you have a Facebook  or Google account.

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