This year, Chinese New Year will happen on Tuesday February 5. The new year celebration is the most auspicious and superstitious time for the Chinese in a year.

If you want to celebrate it, then do not forget these few things.

Red packets

Red packets are money put in red envelopes that are to be given away to children. Long time ago, Chinese already knew that the best way to make an occasion joyous is to make the kids happy, and instead of giving them gifts that kids have to pretend that they like, handing them cash is more practical, and they may learn to save up too! Oh, by the way, this coming year is the year of the Pig, so try not to use red packets that have pictures of the other chinese zodiac animals.

However, in addition to buying the red packets, you need to have crisp new bank notes to put in the envelopes, since the “new”ness of things, including the money, is a central part of the celebration.

Red clothing

Everyone knows that in Chinese culture, red means good luck, vibrancy and prosperity. What better way to draw good luck for the coming year than to wear red clothes during New Year?

House cleaning

Do your Spring house cleaning before the new year starts to get rid of bad stuff, so that you can have a fresh start in the new year! No house cleaning during the first days of the year, lest you put off the God of Good Fortune from visiting.

Good eating

Chinese will splurge on food in the new year celebration as it symbolizes a good start, which they hope will continue through the year. Many dishes are named to rhyme with something related to good fortune.

Good fortune means more than money. It includes well being for family members as well, and the last meal before the new year begins is for family gathering. Then, on the first few days of the new year, families will go around visiting relatives. What better way to do that than to bring everyone to a good restaurant and enjoy a great meal together?

Photo above: Chinese restaurants in SM Aura offering some goodies in the Chinese New Year celebration, even though they do not serve special dishes for the occasion.

While there are several new Chinese restaurants opened in the Fort in recent years, booking a table in a good restaurant for the new year celebration can still be tricky.  If you have not yet booked a table for your large family gathering by today, which is less than a week from the first day of Chinese New Year, you may find that the top Chinese restaurants in town are either fully booked for that day, or do not accept advance booking. Nonetheless, you may still try these restaurants if you are determined to celebrate this Chinese New Year in style:

Canton Road at Shangri-La at the Fort

(02) 246 9069 ext:742

No. 8 House of China at Grand Hyatt Manila

(02) 838 1234

Paradise Dynasty at SM Aura Premier

(02) 478 7861

Crystal Jade at Bonifacio High Street

(02) 808 5233 / (02) 519 8191

See our restaurant map for their location.

Ready for the Loud Noises

Lion and dragon dances, as well as fire-crackers, are part of the Chinese New Year celebration. You will see lion dance performances all over the shopping areas in the Fort. Shop owners are supposed to challenge the lions to snatch a head of lettuce that will be hanging in a high place, and if the lion delivers, rewards it with some money. The more challenging the quest, the higher the reward. So when you hear some loud banging in the a mall, expect to see a lion dance performance behind the troupe.

Well, that should be enough for you to start enjoying the coming Chinese New Year. We wish you a fun and prosperous Year!

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