Of course people hate to spend time stuck in traffic, and those of us who work or live in the Fort know that going to and from here is often an exhausting experience. Not that the authorities are not doing anything. In fact, from September 17, 2018, a new one-way traffic scheme will be implemented to try to make vehicular traffic flow a bit better (we will definitely report on its impact in another article). 

Nonetheless, we are still curious about how other people think about the traffic situation in the Fort, and in BGC in particular. Our friend at Research & Tech Lab (rtl.ph) scouted the popular online social media and found some interesting data.

Sentiment about commuting to and from BGC

Between July and September, RTL found 126 posts relevant to this topic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and relevant blogs. 61% had negative comments, and 39% positive.

Of the 61% negative comments, the top 4 were:

1. Don’t know how to commute to BGC;

2. Commuting to BGC is exhausting;

3. Going to BGC via Grab is too expensive; and

4. Commuting to BGC is a hassle if you do not own a car.

Of the positive comments, the top 2 were:

1, Want to learn how to go to BGC because Grab is expensive (not really positive in our view)

2. Commuting to BGC is easy because of BGC bus.

Public transport

For many commuters who go to BGC for work, the only way to go to and around BGC is by BGC bus, since no other bus companies are serving inside BGC.

Between January and Sep 4, 2018, RTL found 120 posts relevant to the topic.  About81% of them expressed negative sentiment about BGC bus service. 

The top 4 negative sentiments were:

1. BGC buses take too long to arrive;

2. rude drivers;

3. few operational buses going in and out of BGC; and 

4. incompetent drivers and lazy dispatchers.

The top 2 positive sentiments were:

1. Loves BGC buses;

2. Payment by Beep card should be accepted by all public transport.

While the views should not surprise any one, the data somehow adds a little more detail to the whole picture, i.e. improves the granularity of our understanding about people’s sentiment on these topics. We hope the authorities will take note, and that it contributes in a small way towards better service by the authorities. Indeed, if you have views on these public matters, we would encourage you to convey them to the authorities. Even though they may not act on individual views, they may do so if the collective views show a popular public demand.

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