Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

With the man-made canal serving as a tourist attraction, restaurants flock to Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill to gain a foothold.

There are a handfull of Italian restaurants in the mall, which help to maintain the Venice theme of the mall. There should be more establishments that share the theme in this mall, such as shops that sell unique masks, glass ware, leather goods, Italian clothing, and so on, else this will be just another ordinary mall.

Restaurants facing Grand Canal

Toni & Sergio by Parmigiano (Italian Cuisine)

Gran Caffe Lavena (Italian, Cafe)

“Caffe Lavena” is the name of one of the famous cafes in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. ┬áLet us hope this Venetian themed cafe serves pastries that are as good as those found in Venice, but not at the touristy price that the real Caffe Lavena charges! This cafe is strategically located on the imitated Realto Bridge over the canal.

Comfort Tuesdays (Family Style Restaurant)

District 5 by Yoree (Korean Cuisine)

Gardino Ristorante Italiano (Italian Cuisine)

Hokkaido Takoyaki (Japanese Cuisine)

Famous for squid balls from Hokkaido, Japan, they have an outlet in Market!Market!

La Lola Churreria (Dessert Parlor)

They opened in SM Aura, Serendra Piazza, now here.

Mati’s Meat and Bread (American Cuisine)

They serve Balut Aligue and Angus Ribeye Steaks, like a younger version of Melo’s.

My Thai (Thai Cuisine)

A go-to restaurant place whenever you crave for Thai food. This branch is relocated from Venice Piazza.

Rice & Dough (Sushi and Pizza)

Rigatoni (Italian Cuisine)

In case you did not know, rigatoni is a type of pasta that is tubular, like a penne, that is popular in southern Italy, and its ridges allow it to pick up more accompanying sauce.

Yellow Cab (Pizza)

Establishments in the foodcourt

Elements (Asian Cuisine)

Galo (Spanish Cuisine)

Little Manila (Filipino Cuisine)

Rice Paper (Vietnamese Cuisine)

S&R New York Style Pizza

Now you do not have to be a member of S&R Shopping Club to enjoy their pizza.

Sbarro (Italian, European)

The first fastfood to open at the food court there.

Seoul Spoon (Korean Cuisine)

Sizzle King (Filipino Cuisine)

And, National Book Store

Other Restaurants:

Almon Marina (American, Italian, European)

Le Coeur de France (Cafe, Bakery, French)

Milk Cow (Korean organic yogurt, beverages, Desserts)

Red Maple

Serenitea (Tea, Beverages)

Starbucks (already open) 

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