If you want to eat a wide range of cuisines in one sitting, buffet is a good option. However, have you ever wondered that some of the high price that you paid for an expensive buffet is wasted, because the buffet includes a lot of food that you are not interested in? 

We wondered whether it is possible to find a buffet that has enough food types that can satisfy a group of friends or family with different food preferences, cooked well and in good quality, and still does not cost an arm and a leg.

We were invited to the media launch of Seda BGC’s new Misto Restaurant on June 28. Seda BGC has recently finished its expansion tower, and is now about twice the size of the hotel before. The new Misto restaurant is located in the expansion tower, while the old Misto Restaurant is at its usual location, but functions like a lobby lounge or bar.

The new Misto restaurant has 220 seats. It’s main area is bright and spacious. It even has a space for a live band to perform. Its lunch buffet costs P888++ per head.

Their European cold cut of premium cured meat and cheese is a main station of the buffet. The proscuitto that they serve can easily cost over P2,000 per kilo in delicatessen shops.

Another strong point of Misto’s buffet is the grilled meat skewers.┬á

Apart from the grilled meat, the buffet has several stewed meat dishes. But for visual attractiveness, nothing beats their desserts.

Misto’s buffet also has some Japanese tempura, Indian tandoori dishes, Chinese noodles. But if you particularly like Spanish or Italian cooking, as well as grilled red meat, and enjoy refined desserts, you should seriously consider the lunch buffet at Seda’s new Misto Restaurant.┬á

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