Last Sunday, BGC authorities launched the Pop-up Playground at 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street. It was a facility that allowed everyone to play their favorite childhood games in a safe and clean environment for free. 

There were giant versions of Jenga, Pick-up Sticks, Snakes & Ladders, Jack and the Giant Stones, as well as classic Pinoy games such as Tumbang Preso and Piko. For small people with too much energy, there was the inflatable slide where kids just kept going up and sliding down like there were no tomorrow. Limb rock and Chinese garters games were there to goad kids to flex their bodies.

Did you know slides like this can help kids become competitive?

While Jenga is like Lego blocks to the young kids, older kids know how to play it properly. In the end, everyone has fun!

With the energy level of kids, no one expected the game sets to stay in pristine condition after a few hours

According to Sean Luarca, Marketing Manager at Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) who kicked off the launching ceremony of the Pop-Up Playground, the purpose of activities like this is to create street camaraderie and make the street life of BGC dynamic and vibrant. The Pop-Up playground will be set up every Sunday of the year beginning March 9.

As can be seen last Sunday, this Pop-Up Playground is much welcomed by residents and visitors to Bonifacio Global City alike. 

Did the teenagers succeed in building the Jenga? See the video below.

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