The Fort Districts

Looking for shopping facilities, points of interest, or community facilities in Fort Bonifacio, a former military camp turned modern city? you have come to the right place. This Visitor's Guide covers the six administrative districts in Bonifacio Global City, plus a district that covers McKinley Hill and McKinley West. Each district has its own unique features.

Bonifacio Central, for example, has a mile-long open space retail street called Bonifacio High Street. Crescent Park West, on the other hand, is a predominately residential district, while University Park is home to several international schools. Station Square East is where a major transport hub is located, plus a upscale residential development called Serendra.

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McKinley Hill and McKinley West

Modern developments of Megaworld Corporation in the southern part of Fort Bonifacio composed of residential, corporate, educational and leisure areas.

Bonifacio South

The quieter side of The Fort, Bonifacio South consists mostly of residential buildings and a few retail establishments.

Station Square East

This district is rich in residential and retail establishments, of note are Serendra, SM Aura Premier and Market! Market!

Bonifacio Center

It contains two of the earliest developments of Bonifacio Global City, The Fort Strip and Bonifacio High Street, which are also the major dining and retail districts and attractions in Bonifacio Global City.

Bonifacio High Street is an outdoor shopping stripe that also provides venues for outdoor events, big and small. In addition to events hosted by third parties, the management of Bonifacio Global City also organizes events to engage residents and visitors, such as outdoor playground every weekend during the summer months.

Crescent Park West

It is an area that consists mostly of residential buildings, public art and child-friendly establishments.

University Park

The University Park area has several local and international educational institutions.

North Bonifacio

It contains two of the newest township communities in The Fort, Uptown Bonifacio and Veritown, which are projects by developers Megaworld Corporation and Federal Land Incorporated, respectively.

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