We use images from Google Earth to compile videos that show the changing faces of the Fort as seen from the sky.

If you had visited the Fort since 2001, you can refresh your memory when you try to spot the differences that occurred at different times. While the images change fast in the video, of course you can take your sweet time to check the details in each image by pausing the video.

For example, when was The Tent put up, and when was it pulled down?

We will add more videos taken from different places in the Fort, and if you have requests. Let us know in “comments”.

Bonifacio High Street

Burgos Circle

This residential area has experienced rapid growth in early 2010s. Another place that had changed a lot is the Stopover. Some of us may still remember the various eating establishments near the Shell gas station there, by 32th Street corner 2nd Avenue, when that area was still very open and deserted (before 2008).

Fort Bonifacio

This bigger picture gives additional information, such as the big contrast between the Fort and its surrounding. While the Fort has high rise buildings and open space, the neighboring communities are low rise and devoid of public open space. We think the neighboring communities will go high eventually, but sadly, they will unlikely to have public open space, because the development will be done by private lot owners and there will most likely be no one to ensure that public amenities are taken into consideration.

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