Even though the development of Fort Bonifacio started twenty years ago, It is still not possible to pass through Fort Bonifacio in any direction without being affected by the construction work of a new building. Granted, today Fort Bonifacio, alternatively known as Bonifacio Global City, is about 70% developed, but there are still large construction sites in the middle of the city center. In case you wonder what those sites are for, we have done some snooping around for you, and identified the buildings that are either nearly finished, half finished, or at the early stage of construction.

Will Fort Bonifacio look like what is being depicted in this model when all the buildings are completed? only time will tell. Omitted from this model, which is located outside the Mind Museum, are Uptown buildings and SM Aura Premier.

(Status as of mid Jan, 2016)

(Updated photos as of April, 2017)

Nearly completed buildings

1.  Citibank Plaza

Location: 34th Street corner Lane D

This 25-storey office building is jointly developed by W Group and Citi Philippines. It is expected to be completed in 2016.

The building is already occupied.

2. BGC Corporate Center

Location: 30th Street corner 11th Avenue

This Ayala Land developed office building will have 23 floors, 16 of which will be for offices. A typical floor has 1,700 sqm. floor space. This PEZA-registered facility will have ground floor retail facilities, 6 podium parking and 2 basement parking. Estimated completion date: 2nd quarter of 2016.

3. Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center

Location: 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue

This is another office building developed by Ayala Land. Its 16-floor office tower was designed to meet the requirements of IT and Business Process Outsourcing offices.  It is part of the BGC Stopover Pavillion complex, the 3-storey retail facility of which is already completed.  Scheduled Completion Date: 2016.

4. Ore Square

Location: 31st Street corner 9th Avenue

30-floor Ore Square is developed by Citimax Group. The project is highly engaged in energy conservation to attain an energy-efficient and profitable operation. It aims to maintain a Green environment with less greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce global warming. LED lights were used to highlight the building’s facade at night, resulting in significant operational cost savings. Expected completion date: 2016.

5. W City Center

Location: 30th Street corner 7th Avenue

There are several “W” named buildings in Fort Bonifacio, and this is the latest one from the same developer. Conceptualized by New York-based architectural firm CAZA, 29-floor W City Center looks to become an iconic landmark in the BGC skyline. It differentiates itself from other office building by providing higher ceilings and landscaped balcony for every office floor. It will have four retail floors. Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

6. West Tower – One Serendra

Location: 32nd Street corner 11th Avenue

While the first buildings of One Serendra were completed more than 15 years ago, Ayala Land Premier started work on this final and tallest residential structure in the One Serendra complex only about 5 years ago. This 50-storey residential building will have 372 units with sizes ranging from 68 to 479 sq. meters. Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

7. Grand Hyatt Manila Residences

 Location: 35th Street corner 8th Avenue

Developed by Federal Land, Inc. and ORIX Corporation, Grand Hyatt Residences is a 45-storey luxury condominium development sharing a common podium with the 66-storey Grand Hyatt Hotel. Grand Hyatt Residences will feature 248 residential units with a podium planned for luxurious amenities and high-end retail establishments.

The 66-story luxurious condo hotel will feature 450 guest rooms on the top floors, while the building’s lower half will be dedicated to office floors for sale or long-term lease.

Target Completion Date: 2017.

8. Alliance Global Tower

Location: 36th Street corner 11th Avenue

This 25-storey office building developed by Megaworld Corporation will serve as the future center of Alliance Global Group Inc., the holdings company of tycoon Dr. Andrew L. Tan, the parent company of corporations that include Megaworld, Emperador Distillers, and Empire East to name a few.  Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

9. Uptown Bonifacio Towers
Location: 9th Avenue corner 11th Drive

Four office towers are currently being built in Uptown Bonifacio by Megaworld Corporation. Uptown Bonifacio is the company’s 15.4-hectare integrated urban township in the northern part of Fort Bonifacio near Kalayaan Avenue. These are the 15-storey Uptown Tower 1 (30,000 sqm); the 15-storey Uptown Tower 2 (30,000 sqm); the 20-storey Uptown Tower 3 (40,000 sqm); and the 25-storey Alliance Global Tower mentioned above. All are scheduled for completion in 2016.

10. Park West

Location: 36th Street corner 7th Avenue

Park West is part of the Veritown development spearheaded by Federal Land. It is a 41 storey residential building with 734 units. The building is reportedly to have started turnover at end 2015.

11. Central Park West

Location: 36th Street corner 7th Avenue

This 33-story condominium building developed by Federal Land Inc. is the second residential building in their Veritown development. Unit options ranges from 1BR at 36 sqm. and 2BR at 55 sqm. or 70 sqm. , 2BR Executive at 72 sqm., 3BR at 88 sqm. Or 91 sqm., 3BR Executive at 106 sqm. or 108 sqm. Scheduled completion Date: 2016

12. Dexterton Building

Location: 10th Avenue and 38th Street

This office building is developed by Dexterton Corporation, a company that sells construction materials and hardware. The building will contain the company’s offices as well as product showroom. Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

Floors: 17

Half completed

1. Asian Century Center

Location: 27th Street corner 3rd Avenue

The 23-storey building is developed by Asian Carmakers and Century Properties Group.  It was targeted to complete in 2016, but this looks unlikely now.

2. One Uptown Residence

Location: 36th Street corner 8th Avenue

This residential with 44 storeys is owned and developed by Megaworld Corporation. Projected Completion Date: 2016

3. Avida Towers 34th Street

Developer: Avida Land Corporation

Location: 34th Street corner 11th Avenue

 Tower one of this sold-out condominium complex is scheduled for completion within 2016. Well, there are 11 months to go. Tower two is to be completed in 2017.

4. Maybank Performing Arts Center

Location: 26th Street corner 9th Avenue

This public facility is developed by Fort Bonifacio Development Corp., with Maybank Philippines Inc. as its major sponsor.

Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 3-4

5. Menarco Boutique Office

Developer: Datem Inc.

Location: 32nd Street

This 32-floor office tower was scheduled for completion this year, 2016. It does not look very likely.

6. Philippine Stock Exchange Tower

Developer: Ayala Land Premier and Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation

Location: 28th Street corner 5th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

Floors: 30

7. The Suite

Developer: Ayala Land Premier

Location: 28th Street corner 3rd Avenue

Completion Date: 2018

Floors: 63

8. Maridien Towers

Developer: Alveo Land Corporation

Location: 26th Street corner 9th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2016 and 2017 

Floors: 35 and 45

9. World Plaza

Developer: Daiichi Properties

Location: 5th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 27 

10. Avida CityFlex

Developer: Avida Land Corporation

Location: 34th Street corner 7th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 20

11. Inoza Tower

Developer: Inoza Properties, Inc.

Floors: 20

Location: 40th Street

Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

Early stage of construction:

1. ArthaLand Tower

Developer: ArthaLand Corporation

Location: 30th Street corner 4th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 30

2. Avida Towers Verte

This is a residential condominium with two towers. Its unit sizes are from 37 to 116 sq. meters.

3. BGC Corporate Center Two

Developer: AyalaLand Inc.

Location: 30th Street corner Lane B

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 30

4. Seda Tower 2

Developer: Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corp.

Location: 30th Street corner 11th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 18

5. The Curve

Developer: Megawide Construction Corporation

Location: 32nd Street corner 3rd Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017 – 2018

Floors: 32

6. The Finance Centre

Developer: Daiichi Properties

Location: 26th Street corner 9th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2017

Floors: 44

7. Vista Hub 

Developer: Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.

Location: 20th Drive near Old Lawton Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

Floors: 15

8. 4 Storey Commercial Building

Developer: Fort Bonifacio Dev’t. Corp.

Location: 30th Street corner 9th Avenue

Scheduled Completion Date: 2016

Floors: 4

Buildings by Federal Land, Inc. and Megaworld Corp. in North Bonifacio that are at very early stage of construction.

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