Beef is always an expensive food, but when it is escalated to branded varieties, it can become a guilty pleasure, not to mention the heavy carbon footprint of cattle raising as compared to that of edible plants.

Here in the Fort, there are many restaurants that specialize in Japanese beef, known worldwide for its high fat content that gives it a very rich meat flavor. We have Buta + Wagyu and Ogetsu Hime in SM Aura, and Wagyu Beef in Forbestown Road, not to mention restaurants that offer international gourmet beef like Melo’s at┬á Burgo’s Circle. They serve all types of high grade Japanese beef, from┬áMatsusaka beef to Kobe beef, flown in all the way from Japan. So, do we need more Japanese beef restaurants?

If you ask the owner of Miyazaki Gyu, he will most likely say, “yes, but only if you get the best beef”. According to our research, there are only 400 farmers in the whole of Japan (and the world) that have Miyazaki cattle, and each farm only keeps 4 of them! Not only that, each animal is kept for nearly 3 years before they are harvested, allowing enough time for the fat to develop and distribute evenly over the whole body!

Miyazaki Gyu is a new restaurant tucked away in the commercial area of One McKinley Residences, along 26th Avenue, BGC. It specializes in high quality Japanese beef called, you guessed it, Miyazaki beef. It actually serves ONLY beef. Beef cooked several ways: grilled (yakiniku), blanched (shabu shabu), in broth (sukiyaki). 

Photo above: yakiniku beef before (left) and after (right) cooking

If you want variety, sure, you can choose the cut of beef.

The restaurant has a simple but solemn interior. You know you come here to spend serious money on a small piece of top quality meat.

The premium beef is priced by grams, as in 1 gram, 2 grams, but do not bother to order 12 grams of beef, as the minimum order size is 100 grams, and the price starts at P22 per gram. It comes in a set that includes a beef soup, a salad and a bowl of rice.

We ordered 100 grams of special cut beef, which is the second cheapest cut (P25 per gram). The featured photo shows the meat before being cooked on the left, and after cooking on the right.  (As a joke, we told the waiter that we would only pay for exactly 100 grams of beef. We were charged for 114g (P2,850).)

We also ordered the basic yakiniku (P1,600), which came to seven slices of very tender, juicy and rich beef. The waiter cooked this on a table next to us, because we did not want to cook it ourselves, even though there was a professional grade exhaust fan provided above each table.

For our ten year old kid, we ordered a wagyu spaghetti bolognese (P700). It is different from the usual bolognese, as it hardly has any tomato flavor, which is a good thing because you would want to taste the beef instead of the sourness of tomatoes.

Photo: Wagyu spaghetti bolognese. You could hardly see any tomatoes in it.

In terms of texture, the two grilled beef dishes truely melt in the mouth and flavorful. If you like buttery texture, you would love this kind of meat. The clear beef soup that accompanied the main course was very tasty and the pieces of beef in the soup were soft. The spaghetti was consumed with gusto by our 10-year old. 

There was a feeling of decadence after we spent so much on a few slices of meat. But if you have a reason to splurge on high grade beef and do not want to be distracted by other meat, then this restaurant should be on your shortlist.

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