On February 15, a day after the most dreaded day of singles, we at The Fort Singles Club of TheFortCity.com organized a one-of-a-kind event where single people met and mingled with their peers in an adventurous setting. Called ÔÇ£Hunt for Love,ÔÇØ the event was formatted after the hit reality game show, Amazing Race, but ours was more amazing! 

The participants getting ready with their smartphones and their game faces.

The participants (who mostly just met each other for the first time at the event!) were formed into teams and outperformed each other in navigating BGC, answering mind-boggling questions and performing exciting tasks while trying to reach the finish line first.

The teams needed to answer questions by scanning markers that reveal the choices. 

To add excitement to the game, all teams were required to have a mobile phone with Internet access to (i) use an interactive map to help them find the next locations and to (ii) hunt for answers by scanning clues with an augmented reality application. Fueled with vigor and competitiveness, all teams immediately went on their way to start the game at our go signal.

Blue team hard at work figuring out the clue. 

The race started with a challenge question at Purebeauty Serendra, followed by a drink and serenade game at Agave Mexican Cantina, a song challenge at R.O.X., and challenge questions at Fireside by Kettle, Sugar Factory and Sunrise Buckets

Yellow team scanning one of the markers.

After an adrenalin-filled run, everyone gathered at Brotzeit at Shangri-La at the Fort for the concluding program. To find out who the winners were, we gave an answer card to each team and asked them to get the corresponding letters with the number answers that they got. They were to jumble the letters they got to form a word. The team that gets the correct word, L-O-V-E, is declared as the winner. 

Menka Tolani and Seema Menghani were declared first-prize winners (red team); Roshni Mohnani and Ez Gonzales were second (yellow team); and Jana De Jesus, Mary Anne Leovis and Jeanine De Jesus were third (blue team). Everyone was all smiles as they received their prizes from Sunrise BucketsSugar FactoryPurebeauty SerendraFireside by KettleR.O.X.Agave Mexican Cantina and Brotzeit

Prizes and freebies did not stop there as we had one final game to play. From the answer card, participants were to choose four letters and make a silly sentence out of them. After careful deliberation and lots of laughter, Roshni Mohnani’s and Seema Menghani’s sentences were declared as the winners!

At the end of the night, everyone was beaming with joy and enjoyed the game so much that they are already looking forward to more events like Hunt for Love!

At the end of the competition was a friendly get together. 

Step aside blind dating and speed dating because Hunt for Love will definitely give you a run for your money. Interested to be part of The Fort Singles Club community and join events in the future? Make sure to register on TheFortCity.com and join the club here. 

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