The World Street Food Congress is currently being held at the open space next to Forum, at 9th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, from April 20 to 24, 4pm to 11pm.

We went there today (April 21) at around 6pm and found the place swamped with customers looking for street food from around the world. Before you go, read this article so that you have the right expectation.

What it is: it has around 30 food stalls from several countries, mainly south east Asian, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, plus Hong Kong, India and Pakistan. 

What it is not: it is not a place where you can sample street food from all the five continents of the world. We did not find anything from Latin American, Middle East, or Africa.

What it is: a place where food stalls are neatly arranged in about two rows, with people lining up orderly to purchase their food. The lines can be quite long, so do not go when you are very hungry already,

What it is not: a place where you can eat in an ambiance that makes you feel like eating in the street of Saigon, with low stools and tables placed next to the cook and ingredients. The stalls are not decorated in a way that gives indication of the country of origin. You have to read the description printed above the stall to find out about the food being sold. 

What it is: a place where you can find a lot of popular Singaporean dishes like those served in their hawker centers. The tables and chairs are of simple design like those in a Singaporean hawker food centers.

What it is not: a place where you can find staple Hong Kong street food such as curry fish balls and braised pork skin. 

What it is: it has cooking demonstration that is done with flying trapeze in the background.

What it is not: a place that sells street food at street food prices. Dishes are sold in the range of P250 – 350.

Now that you have the right expectation about the place, go with your friends and have a nice evening.

Watch this video showing the cooking demonstration of chilli crab:

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