Under the restrictions imposed to control the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have to stay at home. Sure, in Bonifacio Global City, we have a lot of restaurants to choose from when we are tired of our home cooking. But even that can become boring at times.

We have scouted social media and other online sources, and screened out a few food items from hundreds of offerings. We tried several of them. Here are the ones that we like.

Ice cream with a difference

If you want to try ice cream that is not made from dairy products, then vegan ice cream is a healthy option. Chef Barni makes interesting vegan ice cream that uses quality non dairy ingredients like coconut milk, soy milk, coconut sugar and organic guargum. We like their taho ice cream, which tastes like frozen taho and more. If that’s not crave, try their other low carb and sugar free favors.

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Meat with a twist

New trends in meat products include growing meat in laboratory or making meat-like patties from plants. Meltique steak from Australia is real lean beef infused with soluble fat, and resembles the very expensive marbled steak, but sold at much lower price. Two young men (Legitsteak & Co) managed to get the meat in bulk, and make it available at our doorstep. 

We ordered a packet of two pieces of striploin, totaling 460g for P700. The meat has an even spread of marble. We pan-fried the steaks. They tasted like regular steak to an extent but with less beefy smell, since there is less beef oil. Next time we will skewer pieces of the steak instead, since it has a firmer mouth-feel than those sakoro steak cubes that are being sold everywhere at over P1300 per kg, which is also beef infused with fat and way too mushy for our liking.

Apart from Meltique, Legitsteak also sells USA Angus beef.

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Fresh Greek style yogurt

While you may or may not get a Greek style body after eating Greek style yogurt, Greek style yogurt is thicker than American style yogurt. It is almost tofu like. So you can place fruits and nuts on it, and they do not become soggy. Not far from BGC, Madzoon makes fresh Greek style yogurt that does not contain any preservatives, and is of the best value that we have come across.

Madzoon also sells unique food like blue peaflower jam and home made hand cut cereal.

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Gourmet puto

Puto is a simple traditional snack in the Philippines. Made from rice flour and steamed, it is convenient and healthier than fried snacks. We found a supplier that makes the cutest puto that we have seen. They make regular sized puto and baby ones, each one is so perfectly round, and the cheese bit that sits on top of each puto is cut so neatly that you can call it Japanese style puto! We ordered them a few times and have not been disappointed.

Apart from cheesy puto, they also have ube and salted egg varieties, as well as puto flan, a mix of puto and leche flan, super kawaii!

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Never ending food adventure

We are eyeing more unique food experience that can be enjoyed at home, and once they pass our test, we will put them on CoShopNow.com. So keep checking it out. You have your own couch-based food adventure? Do share with us by commenting either here, or our Facebook post here.

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