Food District on 5th Signatures has a large number of food stalls, like over 30 of them, with about ten of them being small stalls that are commonly seen in regular food courts, such as Potato Corner, Turks, Belgian Waffle, Banh Mi Vietnamnese sandwiches, and Other chains like Pepper Lunch and Chatime can also be found there.

Amongst the more unique food vendors, one is Hawker Chan, a Singaporean hawker stall known for soy chicken rice. The other is a mini food court, called K Alley, which has about 8 micro food stalls that sell Japanese or Korean street food.

On the whole, the Food District has more high quality food stalls than most food courts in regular malls in Metro Manila. It is also more spacious, which makes you feel less miserable eating there. At lunch time, it can be hard to find a table. Since there are still empty spaces in the food court, we hope they will add more tables and chairs.

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