BGC Bus, a bus company owned by the developer of Bonifacio Global City, is the only bus company allowed to operate within BGC.

BGC Bus has two BGC bus terminals. One, Ayala EDSA, is located behind the McKinley Exchange Corporate Center at the corner of EDSA and Ayala Avenue. The other terminal is at MarketMarket! Mall.

Fare for each trip: Php 13.00 (since November 5, 2018), except for ARCA South route

Payment can be made by exact amount on some of the buses (no change), or by Beep tap card which is available in bus terminals and can be topped up at various places.

BGC Bus Schedule since July 2022

The BGC Bus Company announced the schedule of BGC buses in July 2022 as follows:

Operating hours:

 from 6AM-10PM, MON-FRI

Central, West, and East Express routes

Weekend route is also available.

BHC-Ayala Express is still available for late-night commuters with a 37-45 pax capacity.

SUN-THU: 10:15PM

FRI-SAT: 11:15PM

Central Route is a circular route that plies between MarketMarket mall and Crescent Park West, passing through the main roads of BGC. It is suitable for moving within BGC. Actually, one can walk from the east of BGC to the west in about 15 minutes. Since waiting time is long during peak hours, walking would be a better option than taking this bus.

West Route goes between Crescent Park West / Bonifacio Stopover and EDSA Ayala station, for commuters that need to catch their connections from EDSA.

East Express

This is also a bus that can take commuters from BGC to EDSA Ayala station, except it serves the east side of BGC instead of the west. 

Weekend route

We have no idea how frequent this bus runs.

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