The unseen cost of food delivery

When we use an app to order food delivery, we are often not aware of the actual cost of the delivery. This is because on some apps, the price of a food item is higher than the price of the same item if you order directly from the restaurant. On top of that, a delivery fee is added. This is because the app company charges the restaurant a fee for using the marketing power of the app, so some restaurants will pass on that fee to the customers by setting higher prices on the app. 

For example, Bench Cafe on Bonifacio High Street charges P215 for an order of Salted Fried Chicken. On, the regular price of the same dish is P269. If you order that dish, your total bill would be P269 plus a delivery fee, which means that you would be paying P54 plus the delivery fee for ordering the delivery of that dish, not an insignificant percentage.

Sometimes the app will offer discount in order to maintain its market share, e.g. a 20% ‘discount’ on the same dish, so that the dish costs P215 after the discount, but you are then not really getting any discount compared to the restaurant’s regular price!

Therefore, to avoid paying excessive fees for food delivery, we need to check the price of the dishes against the price listed on the restaurant’s own menu. 

Get Quality Food Ingredients Delivered for Free

When our movements are restricted, either because of the pandemic or bad traffic, we can find other ways to eat well and not having to spend too much. One way is to get quality food ingredients delivered to your home. With the numerous simple cooking recipe that we can find online, you can prepare a delicious and healthy meal quickly.

We have found a number of quality food ingredient suppliers who provide free delivery to BGC with a minimum order value.

High quality greens :

CityGreens.PH grows hydroponic greens in Pasig City that are nutrious and tasty. The greens are harvested on the day of delivery. Some of the greens that they have are salad greens, kale, bokchoy, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber. They have free delivery to BGC on Mondays.

Certified beef : Legit Steak Co.

Legit Steak specializes in USDA Certified Augus prime ribeyes, and Australian Meltique steaks. They can be delivered for free in BGC Monday to Saturday.

Hawaiian style smoked bacon : PokeMyBelly.PH

PokeMyBelly makes smoked bacon and bakes high density sourdough, and they deliver free to BGC every Friday for an order of over P500.

Delicious Greek Yogurt : Madzoon 

Madzoon Greek style yogurt is the best value greek style yogurt that are made fresh locally. For a minimum order of P1,000, they will deliver for free. There is a coshop for this vendor so that neighbors in BGC can order together and get free delivery. The items will be delivered to the organizer of the coshopping from whom other neighbors can simply pick up their orders.

Information of these stores can be found on

If you have good food ingredient suppliers that have a high minimum order value for free delivery to BGC, open your own coshop on and invite your neighbors to join you. It costs only P100 per coshop cut-off day, which can be much lower than the cost of delivery from suppliers located far away from BGC.

Buy small volume and get bulk price

The value of each order may be small, but if you buy that ingredient all the time, the cost difference could be significant. Take, for example, large brown eggs. In the supermarket, they sell for around P180 per dozen, or P15 per piece. When you order ten trays of 30 eggs each tray (equivalent to 25 dozens) from a wholeseller, the price can drop to P8 per egg, or P96 per dozen: quite a difference!

It takes a little work to coordinate the distribution of the eggs, but the saving could make this worthy. Plus, you get to meet your neighbors!

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